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A Review of the Texas Economy from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

FISCAL NOTES June/July 2016 PDF 5.3M

A Message from the Comptroller

Texas Road Finance, Part II: Economic Impacts

Infrastructure Spending Boosts Economy

by TJ Costello and Ginger Lowry

Reliable transportation infrastructure is critical to economic development. Industries can thrive or die depending on the reliability and speed of their transportation options. Yet in Texas and across America, basic transportation infrastructure is aging and increasingly at risk.


The Hotel Occupancy Tax

A Short History of a Complex Levy

by Gerard MacCrossan and Joyce Jauer

When booking lodging in Texas, you're often spoiled for choice — lots of beds at lots of different prices. But however much you spend, you're also contributing to the state and local governments by paying combined hotel occupancy taxes of anywhere from 6 to 17.5 percent, depending on where you stay.


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