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Contract Management Guide


Pursuant to Texas Gov't Code 2262.051, TPASS in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), the Department of Information Resources (DIR), the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA), and the State Auditor's Office (SAO), developed and periodically updates the Contract Management Guide (CMG) for use by state agencies. More Background info...


The purpose of the CMG is to offer contract managers at state agencies recommendations on improving existing contract management processes and practices. More on CMG Purpose...


The CMG includes a model of contract provisions, to distinguish between essential, recommended and optional contract provisions. More Features of the CMG...

Contact Us

We are soliciting your feedback with regards to updating the CMG. Please email us any questions you have about the CMG, your ideas, recommendations, and requests for what you would like to see in the CMG revision to 2262contractadvisoryteam@cpa.state.tx.us.

Table of Contents

View the entire current Guide in printer-friendly PDF -- updated March 1, 2016

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  Revision Date
Introduction (PDF) 09/01/2015
How the guide is organized (PDF) 09/01/2015
Professional Certification (PDF) 09/01/2015
Contract Management Framework (PDF) 09/01/2015
Definitions (PDF) 09/01/2015
Ethical Standards and Policies (PDF) 03/01/2016
Conflict of Interest (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 1
Contract Advisory Team (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 2
Planning (PDF) 09/01/2015
Technology Addendum (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 3
Preparing the Solicitation (PDF) 09/01/2015
Preparing the Statement of Work (PDF) 09/01/2015
Specification Types (PDF) 09/01/2015
Historically Underutilized Business (PDF) 09/01/2015
Payment Types (PDF) 09/01/2015
Contractor Qualifications (PDF) 09/01/2015
Best Value Considerations (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 4
Advertising the Solicitation (PDF) 09/01/2015
Solicitation Announcements- Development the Bid List (PDF) 09/01/2015
Pre-Solicitation Conferences (PDF) 09/01/2015
Communication with Respondents (PDF) 09/01/2015
Written Questions (PDF) 09/01/2015
Solicitation Submission and Opening (PDF) 09/01/2015
Consulting Services (PDF) 09/01/2015
Professional Services (PDF) 09/01/2015
Mixed Services (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 5
Evaluation and Award (PDF) 09/01/2015
Evaluation Teams (PDF) 09/01/2015
Responsive Proposals (PDF) 09/01/2015
Single Responses (PDF) 09/01/2015
Proposal Evaluation (PDF) 09/01/2015
Oral Presentations-Discussions (PDF) 09/01/2015
Determining the Competitive Range (PDF) 09/01/2015
Best and Final Offers (PDF) 09/01/2015
Negotiations (PDF) 09/01/2015
Award (PDF) 09/01/2015
Evaluation and Award of Grants (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 6
Contract Formation (PDF) 09/01/2015
Approach to Contract Formation (PDF) 09/01/2015
Legal Elements of a Contract (PDF) 09/01/2015
Drafting the Contract (PDF) 09/01/2015
Contract Terms (PDF) 09/01/2015
State Contracting Standards (PDF) 09/01/2015
Authority to Contract (PDF) 09/01/2015
Delegated Purchases (PDF) 09/01/2015
Federally Funded Contracts (PDF) 09/01/2015
Contract Formation for Grants (PDF) 09/01/2015
Chapter 7
Contract Administration (PDF) 09/01/2015
Contract Manager Responsibilities (PDF) 09/01/2015
Monitoring Performance (PDF) 09/01/2015
Payment Approval (PDF) 09/01/2015
Change Management (PDF) 09/01/2015
Dispute Resolution (PDF) 09/01/2015
Termination (PDF) 09/01/2015
State Agency Reporting of Contracting Information (PDF) 09/01/2015
The Contract Administration File (PDF) 09/01/2015
Contract Close-out (PDF) 09/01/2015
Grant Close-out (PDF) 09/01/2015
Sample ContractClose Close-out (PDF) 09/01/2015
Essential clauses and Provisions (PDF) 09/01/2015
Recommended Clauses (PDF) 09/01/2015
Legal References (PDF) 09/01/2015

Appendix Index

Appendix 1
RFP Template (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 1B
RFP Template Part B (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 2
Solicitation Announcement (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 3
Pre-Solicitation Conference Guidelines (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 4
Administrative Review Checklist (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 5
Evaluation Team Guidelines (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 6
Evaluation Team Briefing Instructions (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 7
Non-Disclosure Statement (PDF) 09/01/2015
Disclosure Statement for Purchasing Personnel (PDF) 03/01/2016
Appendix 8
Reference Check Form (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 9
Contract Terms (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 10
Best-Value Respondent Questionnaire (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 11
Sample Contract Monitoring Worksheet (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 12
BAFO Evaluation Example (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 13
RFP Evaluation Scoring Matrix (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 14
Sample Executive Approval Memo (PDF) 09/01/2015
Appendix 15
Contract Management Best Practices Matrix (PDF) 09/01/2015
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