Once you select the appropriate properties on the Texas Unclaimed Property Details page, and answer the required questions, a customized claim form is created for you. You can print it yourself, or it can be mailed to you.

Claim forms are only available through the Unclaimed Property Search application. You will not find blank claim forms on comptroller.texas.gov.

The unclaimed property claim form includes instructions and provides examples of documentation required to prove you are the rightful owner of the property you are claiming.

Types of Claim

Original Owner

If you are claiming money listed under your own name — or a name you have held in the past, like a maiden name — you will file an original owner claim.


If you are claiming money listed under another person’s name — such as a deceased family member or a minor child — you will file a general claim.


If you are claiming money listed under an organization’s name — such as a business, a non-profit, or a government agency — you will file a business claim.

Type of Property

Stocks and Bonds

Texas law give the Comptroller the right to sell any security as soon as it is received, but we usually wait one year. If the owner comes forward before the sale, the shares are returned to them. If the stock has been sold, you will receive the proceeds of the sale.

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Mineral Interests or Royalties

Funds can only be located under the name the oil and mineral companies used when reporting them to us, not by a lease or well number.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Papers from safe deposit boxes are held at least five years. Other items are usually kept for a year, and then auctioned on eBay.

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What Happens Next?

Please allow us 3 to 4 months to review and process your claim. Claims that involve minerals, stocks, estates or other complex issues may take longer.

If there is not sufficient proof of ownership, we will contact you or the reporting company by mail for additional information.

You may contact our office or use the online tool to check the status of your claim.