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Contact Your Tax Assessor-Collector

The Tax Assessor-Collector Directory lists the tax assessor-collector, the consolidated taxing units served and other tax office information. County tax assessor-collector offices can answer questions about taxes due, taxes paid and other information related to paying property taxes. Questions regarding a taxing unit that is not listed as consolidated in a county should be directed to the individual taxing unit.

The information in this directory is reported by appraisal districts and periodically updated. Please direct questions or changes by email to ptad.cpa@cpa.texas.gov; by telephone to 1-800-252-9121 (press 2 to access the menu and then press 1 to contact the Information Services team); or by mail to P.O. Box 13528,
Austin, Texas 78711-3528.

Numerical Coding System

Each taxing unit has a unique numerical code, consisting of eight numbers. For example: 001-902-02 Cayuga Independent School District

001 - Refers to the county in which the taxing unit is located; in this case, Anderson County (001).

902 - Refers to the taxing unit’s unique identifying number; also called "unit identifier".

02 - Refers to the type of taxing unit, i.e. city, school, county, water district; in this case, a school district.

Taxing Unit Classifications

00 County
02 School 03 City
04 Municipal utility district (MUD)
05 Utility district (UD)
06 Water district (WD)
07 Levee improvement district (LID)
08 Drainage district (DD)
09 Improvement district (ID)
10 Road district (RD)
11 Hospital district (HD)
12 Flood control district (FCD)
13 Fresh water supply district (FWSD)
14 Public utility district (PUD)
15 Junior college or college district
18 Navigation district or port authority
19 Water control and improvement district (WCID)
20 Water supply district (WSD)
21 Water authority (WA)
22 Irrigation district
23 Conservation district
24 Municipal water authority (MWA)
25 Municipal water district (MWD)
26 Water improvement district (WID)
27 River authority
28 Conservation and reclamation district (C&RD)
30 Limited district
31 Renovation district
33 Education equalization or vocational district
40 Emergency services district (ESD)
41 Industrial district
43 Fire or Fire Prevention District (FPD)
44 Airport district
45 Library district
46 Park district
48 Management district
50 Solid waste management district
51 County development district
52 Health and Bioscience District

Tax Assessors-Collectors Directory

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