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Latest News - 2009

Archived Latest News

The links below focus on stimulus news related to Texas, as well as the national impact of federal stimulus funds.

December 2009

Stimulus funds frustrate schools
12/30/2009 - The Victoria Advocate

Work on DFW airport runway starts next month
12/30/2009 -The Associated Press (via The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

The coming wave of smart grids, smart energy and smart appliances
12/30/2009 - E-Commerce Times

Energy efficiency to pay off more
12/29/2009 - The San Antonio Express-News

Metro areas get chunk of rural stimulus aid
12/27/2009 - The USA Today

Thousands may incorrectly be using stimulus tax breaks
12/22/2009 - The New York Times

County gets dam repairs courtesy of stimulus funding
12/22/2009 - Corsicana Daily Sun

Study: Schools face shortfalls after stimulus ends
12/22/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Home sales surge 7.4% in November, on federal tax credit
12/22/2009 - The USA Today

COBRA health coverage, subsidies expanded
12/22/2009 - The USA Today

Year-end car shopping includes stimulus tax credit
12/21/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Texas agency slow to spend stimulus funds to weatherize homes
12/20/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Alexander Hamilton home moved, restored with stimulus funds
12/20/2009 - San Antonio Express-News (via Bloomberg)

California stimulus czar falling short of expectations
12/18/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

$7.4 billion in stimulus projects to extend broadband to poor and rural ["middle mile"] areas
12/18/2009 - The Washington Post

FCC issues proposals to meet national broadband plan
12/17/2009 - The Washington Post

Teachers union raps Florida stimulus application
12/17/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Biden kicks off $7.2 billion Recovery Act broadband program
12/17/2009 - U.S. Department of Agriculture

White House outlines next six months of stimulus efforts
12/16/2009 - ABC News

Stimulus II: Congress ponders aid for cash-strapped states
12/16/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

House passes $174 billion jobs bill
12/16/2009 - Associated Press (via The New York Times)

White House readying $5 billion in green tax credits
12/16/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Green builders awaiting the green
12/16/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Application materials for TX Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program now available
12/15/2009 - State Energy Conservation Office (SECO)

Stimulus mistakes will be corrected faster
12/15/2009 - The Washington Post

Stimulus board tries 'logic checks' to catch errors
12/15/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

A bounty of stimulus money is not what it appears
12/15/2009 - The New York Times

TX Comptroller Susan Combs announces federal stimulus Appliance Rebate Program
12/11/2009 - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

States, locals have spent a quarter of stimulus funds
12/11/2009 - Stateline.org

Plano symphony orchestra gets stimulus funds
12/10/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Transportation secretary: Ban lobbyists, earmarks in second stimulus
12/10/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

DFW Connector highway project to begin in February
12/09/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Obama to give $600 million to health centers
12/09/2009 - ABC News

Obama pushes new job stimulus
12/09/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Texas Solar Power earns $180,000 in stimulus contracts
12/08/2009 - Austin Business Journal

Obama proposes job creation program
12/08/2009 - The Washington Post

Obama focuses on jobs, infrastructure, energy rebates
12/08/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Energy Department tightens reins on weatherization money
12/07/2009 - USA Today

States vie for $69 billion in infrastructure funding
12/07/2009 - The Washington Times

Federal money set to flow to renewable energy projects
12/05/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

U.S. Rep wants federal stimulus to help Dallas levees
12/05/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Clean coal project funded for Permian Basin
12/04/2009 - The Odessa American

Unexpected drop in jobless rate sparks optimism
12/04/2009 - Associated Press (via The Austin American-Statesman)

Inspectors to review stimulus-data errors
12/04/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Job summit underscores dilemma
12/04/2009 - The Washington Post

Obama: Don't expect additional stimulus spending from the feds
12/03/2009 - USA Today

Odessa, power company await word on $350 million grant
12/03/2009 - Associated Press (via The San Antonio Express-News)

Stimulus is boon for D.C. area contractors
12/03/2009 - The Washington Post

Administration targets job puzzle
12/03/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

House transport panel head seeks $69 billion in new spending
12/02/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Obama administration weighs incentives for home improvements
12/01/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Report boosts Democrats' second U.S. stimulus bill
12/01/2009 - Reuters.com

White House, GOP spar on stimulus
12/01/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Laid-off workers face expiration of health benefit
12/01/2009 - Associated Press (via The New York Times)

Transportation secretary hails [stimulus-funded] Woodall Rodgers deck park
12/01/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

November 2009

Transportation boss advises prioritizing requests
11/30/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Congressional Budget Office: 600,000 to 1.6 million employed by stimulus
11/30/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Dallas considers downtown, Oak Cliff trolley routes
11/27/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Area school districts differ on use of federal stimulus
11/26/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Funds may make Kerr County courthouse more energy efficient
11/25/2009 - The Kerrville Daily Times

Austin's Pecan Street Project lands $10.4 million grant
11/25/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

Recovery board stands pat on stimulus jobs
11/24/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Solar energy brings a ray of hope to the Rust Belt
11/23/2009 - The Los Angeles Times

Home sales in October rose to a 2-year high
11/23/2009 - The New York Times

New consensus sees stimulus package as worthy step
11/20/2009 - The New York Times

White House's job creation claim comes under renewed fire after more doubts arise
11/20/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

One million stimulus jobs? House panel investigates
11/20/2009 - The Los Angeles Times

Stimulus-jobs tally in doubt
11/20/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

GAO warns that stimulus jobs data could contain inaccuracies
11/20/2009 - The Washington Post

Errors on government Web site makes it difficult to track stimulus money
11/19/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus watch: did White House overplay job data?
11/19/2009 - The Associated Press (via the The Washington Post)

Dallas investor, Chinese partners propose U.S. wind turbine plant
11/18/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Task force to take up financial fraud cases
11/18/2009 - The Washington Post

Recovery board chairman: We can't certify jobs data at Recovery.gov
11/18/2009 - ABC News

GAO: $7.2 billion broadband program risks waste and fraud
11/17/2009 - The Los Angeles Times

Kerrville schools put stimulus funds towards Smart Boards
11/17/2009 - Kerrville Daily Times

Creating job creation? Lawmakers question stimulus claims
11/17/2009 - ABC News

Grifters cash in on stimulus aid
11/17/2009 - USA Today

Wext Texas town to get $8.6 million rail park development
11/16/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Administration slashes 60,000 jobs from recent stimulus reports
11/16/2009 - ABC News

Millions will have to repay part of tax credit
11/16/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Billions for Michigan, but where are the jobs?
11/15/2009 - The Detroit Free Press

Obama stimulus job count under new criticism
11/13/2009 - ABC News

UT Southwestern given $42 million for research
11/13/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Texas may pay price for school overhaul stance
11/13/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Stimulus to reward states that overhaul school systems
11/12/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Despite monitoring, 'dubious' stimulus spending seen
11/11/2009 - USA Today

Streamlined broadband grant process promised
11/11/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

States compete for federal school dollars
11/10/2009 - The New York Times

Difficult state budget could be coming
11/10/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Stimulus jobs count overinflated in Colorado
11/10/2009 - The Denver Post

Drop in energy investment could hurt economic recovery
11/10/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Strings attached to stimulus dollars for schools
11/09/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Painting a street green hasn't stimulated one new job
11/07/2009 - The Washington Post

Federal stimulus spokesman defends Web site
11/06/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

'Clunker' trades most popular for pick-up trucks
11/05/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Senator: No stimulus money for Texas-China wind project
11/05/2009 - The Associated Press (via The Washington Post)

Senate expands homebuyer tax credits, extends jobless benefits
11/05/2009 - USA Today

Reports show conflicting number of jobs attributed to stimulus money
11/05/2009 - The New York Times

Texas stimulus impact report counted summer jobs, had errors
11/04/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

White House tally appears to overstate jobs
11/04/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Salary raise counted as saved job
11/04/2009 - The Associated Press (via The New York Times)

Analysis finds stimulus confusion
11/03/2009 - USA Today

Transparency watch: Evaluating stimulus reporting
11/02/2009 - Education Week

As jobs vanish, factory towns slow to see stimulus
11/02/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

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October 2009

Jobs created with stimulus funds lag in Texas
10/31/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

More Than $150 Million Ready for Energy Retrofits in Texas Public Buildings
10/30/2009 - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Chinese-made turbines to fill Texas wind farm
10/30/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Schools are where the stimulus saved jobs
10/30/2009 - The New York Times

White House data show 650,000 jobs from stimulus
10/30/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Stimulus created/saved 650,000 jobs? There's no way to know for sure
10/30/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Stimulus fueled much of expansion
10/30/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Austin company joins $1.5 billion U.S.-Chinese wind venture
10/30/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

Economy growing but recovery could be at risk
10/29/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Stimulus jobs in U.S. overstated by thousands
10/29/2009 - USA Today

Stimulus helps fill coffers for states
10/29/2009 - USA Today

Texas companies get in line for stimulus funds to expand broadband Internet access
10/29/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Stimulus powers up 'smart grid' in Houston
10/28/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Obama trumpets energy grants
10/28/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Complete list of 'smart grid' awards (PDF, 164KB)
10/28/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Early reports: job gains signal stimulus impact
10/28/2009 - USA Today

Smart grid gets multibillion-dollar injection
10/27/2009 - CNET News

Home-buyer tax credit tempts tax cheats
10/23/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Lots of stimulus money — and concerns about where to put it to work
10/22/2009 - The New York Times

White House economist: Impact of stimulus will level off next year
10/22/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Congress scrutinizes problems in homebuyer credit
10/22/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Thinking solar? It's never been cheaper
10/22/2009 - The Associated Press (via San Antonio Express-News)

A bail out for golf cars?
10/21/2009 - ABC News

Like it or not, here comes more stimulus
10/21/2009 - CNNMoney.com

Wind industry uses federal grants to add capacity
10/21/2009 - Associated Press (via San Antonio Express-News)

Finances of tax credit extension are questioned
10/21/2009 - The Associated Press (via The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Is more help on the way for homebuyers?
10/20/2009 - ABC News

Small firms, homebuyers to get a boost
10/20/2009 - The Washington Post

Homebuyer credit is focus of inquiry
10/20/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

'Buy American' stimulus provision tops agenda at Dallas NAFTA meeting
10/19/2009 - The Associated Press (via The Dallas Morning News)

Is stimulus money being spent too fast?
10/19/2009 - ABC News

White House says stimulus saving education jobs
10/19/2009 - Reuters (via ABC News)

City learns fate of stimulus requests
10/18/2009 - Denton Record-Chronicle

Get ready for economic stimulus plan, part 2
10/18/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

The science of spending stimulus money wisely
10/17/2009 - The New York Times

1,100 Texas jobs pegged to stimulus
10/16/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Obama trumpets stimulus on New Orleans visit
10/16/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Job program found to miss many states that need it the most
10/15/2009 - The New York Times

$72,408 per stimulus job? White House says no
10/15/2009 - ABC News

Federal contractors report 30,000 stimulus jobs
10/15/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

U.S. warns elderly will not get benefits rise next year
10/15/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Cost concerns surface over home-buyer credit
10/15/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

States lag in recovery, report finds
10/14/2009 - The New York Times

Reports to provide clues on U.S. stimulus plan job creation
10/13/2009 - Reuters (via ABC News)

States work overtime to count stimulus jobs
10/13/2009 - The Associated Press (via The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Some states forgo signs on stimulus-funded roads
10/13/2009 - The New York Times

Stimulus: Creating jobs or not?
10/13/2009 - CNNMoney.com

Job data to show stimulus aided teachers, laborers
10/12/2009 -The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Time's running out on new car, homebuyer tax breaks
10/12/2009 - USA Today

Tough choices for feds giving out broadband money
10/11/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Businesses of all types roll out cash-for-clunkers-type trade-in deals
10/11/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Harris County road not so shovel-ready after all
10/9/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Calls increase to extend economic stimulus to help states
10/9/2009 - Stateline.org

Arlington school district approves plans for stimulus money
10/8/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Turning to Wall Street to fund a new stimulus package
10/8/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Proposals to create jobs adds up to second stimulus
10/8/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Fort Worth about to be $6.7 million greener
10/8/2009 - DFW.com

UT Health Science Center reports $29 million in stimulus funds
10/8/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Garland ISD to use $500,000 of stimulus funds on diversity training
10/8/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

$17 million from stimulus to help offset drop in private giving
10/7/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

A shot in the arm, not a kick in the pants
10/7/2009 - The New York Times

UT Health Science Center snags $5.2 million grant
10/6/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Texas delegation wants stimulus money for NASA
10/5/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Baggage sites, including San Antonio, get stimulus money
10/5/2009 - USA Today

Stimulus to fund technology for D-FW students
10/5/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Democrats weigh extending key parts of stimulus
10/3/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Report: States using stimulus to replace, not boost school aid
10/2/2009 - USA Today

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September 2009

Obama touts $5 billion in health science grants
9/30/2009 - The Los Angeles Times

$100 million in research grants thrill Medical Center
9/30/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Buy American exemption deal in the works
9/30/2009 - CBC News Canada

Texas utilities' rejection of stimulus funds could lead to higher bills for customers
9/30/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Port San Antonio applies for stimulus funds
9/30/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Works begins on national e-health record network
9/30/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Demand soars for stimulus-backed facilities bonds
9/29/2009 - Education Week

City gets stimulus grants for housing, fire stations
9/29/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Texas Comptroller Urges Small Cities and Counties to Take Advantage of Energy Saving Grants
9/28/2009 - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas ranks nearly last in getting stimulus funds
9/28/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus Funds Ready for Public Sector Renewable Energy Installations
9/25/2009 - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

New Recovery.gov goes live, key data to be released later
9/28/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Teens lack jobs despite stimulus effort
9/23/2009 - The New York Times

Texas wind-farm developer gets grant
9/22/2009 - The Abilene Reporter-News

San Antonio transit awarded money for electric buses
9/22/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Stimulus Funds Ready for Transportation Efficiency Projects
9/18/2009 - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

On the lookout for stimulus fraud
9/18/2009 - The New York Times

Mobile classroom designed to educate Plano ISD parents
9/17/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

To count new stimulus jobs, help really wanted
9/16/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Fight in Congress looms on tax break for homebuyers
9/16/2009 - The New York Times

Potholes ahead on innovation fund
9/15/2009 - Education Week

Energy-efficient projects getting stimulus money
9/15/2009 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Pace of new stimulus spending slowed
9/14/2009 - USA Today

$100-million-plus broadband map runs into cost questions
9/14/2009 - USA Today

White House says stimulus efforts have saved, created 1M jobs
9/10/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Young workers given a chance
9/8/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Burst of government spending complicates planning for small firms
9/8/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Schools aided by stimulus money still facing cuts
9/7/2009 - The New York Times

A federal windfall for special education
9/7/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Is stimulus working for Central Texas?
9/6/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

Why the stimulus is helping the economy but not Obama
9/4/2009 - Time

Federal courthouse finally breaks ground
9/3/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

Stimulus grants rolling in for local higher ed
9/3/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Stimulus tax relief: Who's feeling it
9/2/2009 - CNNmoney.com

U.S. economy gets lift from stimulus
9/2/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

South Texas wind farm wins $114 million in funding
9/2/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

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August 2009

Help is on the way for San Antonio's homeless
8/31/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Clinics in Travis, Williamson counties get stimulus windfall
8/31/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

Stimulus may be training your next hairstylist
8/30/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Quiet part of stimulus succeeding
8/29/2009 - The Houston Chronicle

Requests for broadband money exceed amount available
8/28/2009 - USA Today

Texas highway projects get a boost from drop in construction costs
8/28/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

TxDOT prepares to fund additional mobility projects
8/27/2009 - Texas Department of Transportation

Nearly $300 million awarded for alternative fuels
8/26/2009 - U.S. Department of Energy

Railroad Commission gets $12 million for propane vehicles
8/26/2009 - Texas Railroad Commission

Oncor to apply for more stimulus money
8/26/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Texas inmates received stimulus checks in error
8/26/2009 - The Austin American Statesman

Building slump stretches stimulus money
8/26/2009 - USA Today

Secret process benefits pet projects
8/26/2009 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Texas requests about $1.8 billion for high-speed rail
8/25/2009 - Texas Department of Transportation

White House sharply increases deficit projections
8/25/2009 - The Washington Post

Latest in stimulus: 'Cash for refrigerators'
8/24/2009 - Business Week

Stimulus bonds to help build new Parkland Memorial Hospital
8/24/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Conference focuses on deficits, stimulus
8/24/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Lobbying intensifies to extend first-time homebuyer tax credit
8/23/2009 - The Los Angeles Times

Federal stimulus a windfall for Texas higher education
8/23/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

More stimulus dollars for San Antonio River project
8/20/2009 - San Antonio Express-News

Government jobs have grown since recession
8/19/2009 - The New York Times

Economic stimulus for national parks working?
8/17/2009 - CNN.com

One person's boondoggle, another's necessity
8/17/2009 - The New York Times

Poll: 57% don't see stimulus working
8/17/2009 - USA Today

Broadband and the underserved
8/16/2009 - Business Week

DFW community colleges making wish lists for stimulus money
8/15/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Heavy lifting ahead for 'Race to the Top' applications
8/14/2009 - Education Week

Major carriers shun broadband stimulus
8/14/2009 - The Washington Post

U.S. funds sought to fix 'Dead Man's Corner' in Dallas
8/13/2009 - The Dallas Morning News

Loan program for small businesses off to slow start
8/12/2009 - The New York Times

Some states get share of stimulus faster
8/12/2009 - USA Today

Stimulus money for weatherization goes unspent
8/12/2009 - The Associated Press (via Times Record News)

States weigh in as feds prepare to spend billions on broadband
8/12/2009 - Stateline.org

U.S. enters recovery as stimulus refutes skeptics
8/12/2009 - Bloomberg.com

Stimulus funds bring relief to states, but what about 2010?
8/11/2009 - The Washington Post

Watchdog questions airport stimulus projects
8/10/2009 - The Austin American-Statesman

Small businesses chase big stimulus money
8/10/2009 - The Wall Street Journal

Overloaded charities get stimulus money
8/10/09 - The Austin American-Statesman

Telco companies to provide data for broadband map
8/8/09 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Most stimulus-targeted bridges in Texas are OK
8/6/09 - The Associated Press (via The Dallas Morning News)

Funds flow to electric cars
8/6/09 - The Wall Street Journal

Texas misses out on U.S. green vehicle initiative
8/6/09 - The Austin American-Statesman

Dallas mayor criticizes slow-moving federal stimulus plan
8/6/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus money will put more cops on Dallas streets
8/5/09 - The Dallas Morning News

New Braunfels gets nearly $100,000 in stimulus funds
8/5/09 - The Herald-Zeitung

Stimulus slow to flow to infrastructure
8/5/09 - The Wall Street Journal

$80 million sought for passenger rail plan
8/4/09 - San Antonio Express-News

Spending stimulus funds turns challenging in DFW
8/3/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus cash lifts states, localities
8/3/09 - USA Today

Dr. Doom sees double-dip recession risk
8/3/09 - The Wall Street Journal

White House points to economic revival
8/2/09 - The New York Times

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July 2009

Bad bridges passed up for stimulus cash
7/31/09 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Borrowing, stimulus boost TxDOT road plans
7/30/09 - The Austin American-Statesman

Stimulus law bolsters food bank offerings
7/29/09 - The New York Times

Plano to use stimulus funds to build unique U-turn
7/29/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Feds hand San Antonio cash to hire 50 more cops
7/29/09 - San Antonio Express News

Dallas firm fueling change to natural gas in corporate fleets
7/29/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Texas selects Connected Nation to do broadband map
7/27/09 - Texas Department of Agriculture

In Tennessee corner, stimulus meets New Deal
7/27/09 - The New York Times

Midwest governors push for high-speed rail network
7/27/09 - USA Today

Lawmakers dreading end of stimulus dollars
7/27/09 - Stateline.org

Lack of broadband internet frustrates some Central Texans
7/26/09 - The Waco Tribune-Herald

School budgets dip, class sizes grow
7/26/09 - The Associated Press (via MSNBC.com)

$2 billion in federal stabilization funds approved for Texas schools
7/24/09 - Texas Education Agency

A $4 billion push for better schools
7/24/09 - The Washington Post

Teachers' pay would be tied to test scores under Obama plan
7/24/09 - USA Today

NCSL: Texas relied most heavily on stimulus
7/23/09 - The Austin American-Statesman

Budget boss defends stimulus, sees joblessness up
7/22/09 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Texas contractors have healthy backlog of projects
7/22/09 - The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

San Antonio, McAllen, Kerrville airports to get stimulus funds
7/21/09 - San Antonio Express News

Foreign firms eye Obama rail plan
7/21/09 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Rice wins $11.1 million for physics building
7/20/09 - Rice University

Highway spending isn't the stimulus it was envisioned to be
7/20/09 - The Los Angeles Times

Stimulus watch: Neediest areas not first for money
7/19/09 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

Recovery.gov site maps stimulus spending
7/17/09 - Federal Computer Week

Stimulus spending faces red tape bottlenecks
7/17/09 - MSNBC.com

Stimulus Watch: No-bid contracts mean higher costs
7/17/09 - The Associated Press (via ABC News)

States awash in stimulus money to weatherize homes
7/16/09 - San Antonio Express-News

Schertz seeks federal funds for new fire station
7/16/09 - San Antonio Express-News

Warnings: Stimulus money could swamp agencies
7/15/09 - USA Today

Amtrak accused of hindering stimulus oversight
7/14/09 - USA Today

Who really profits from digital medical records?
7/14/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Texas seeks $2B in federal funds for fast trains
7/13/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus Funds Available for Public Sector Energy Improvements
7/13/09 - Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas, New Mexico, Colorado seek high-speed rail funds
7/10/09 - San Antonio Express-News

Few economists favor more stimulus
7/10/09 - The Wall Street Journal

Cities lose out on road funds from federal stimulus
7/9/09 - The New York Times

Texas officials worry that deluge of stimulus funds might not go to quality projects
7/9/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus to aid state budget gaps
7/9/09 - The Wall Street Journal

U.S. GAO: States' and Localities' report on uses of stimulus funds (456K PDF)
7/8/09 - U.S. General Accounting Office

Report: States aren't using stimulus funds as intended
7/7/09 - USA Today

Calls grow to increase stimulus spending
7/6/09 - The Wall Street Journal

Stimulus pulls languishing road plans out of idle
7/5/09 - The Houston Chronicle

Job retraining may fall short of high hopes
7/5/09 - The New York Times

Texas' application for education stimulus funds (1.2 MB PDF)
7/2/09 - Governor's Office

Perry formally applies for $4B in stimulus money for education
7/2/09 - The Dallas Morning News

States get $2.7 billion in early stimulus aid
7/2/09 - Education Week

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June 2009

Marsh rescue project funded Galveston Bay wetlands getting a $5 million federal stimulus
6/30/09 - The Houston Chronicle

Oncor to request stimulus for smart meters
6/30/09 - The Dallas Morning News

HUD joins Recovery Act mapping effort
6/29/09 - Federal Computer Week

Obama adviser not ready to back a second stimulus
6/29/09 - The Houston Chronicle

The Summer of Their Discontent
6/25/09 - The Wall Street Journal

Biden: $19B in highway stimulus already set aside
6/25/09 - The Associated Press

Hospitals unwilling to share records could miss out on stimulus funds
6/24/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Construction to begin on Texas' first stimulus road project
6/23/09 - Texas Department of Transportation

State's community colleges banding together for stimulus dollars
6/23/09 - Austin Business Journal

Poll: Confidence in stimulus plan ebbs
6/23/09 - The Washington Post

U.S. to Rhode Island: Finance charter schools
6/23/09 - The Providence Journal

Mayors complain about stimulus spending
6/22/09 - Los Angeles Times

Tax credit for home purchase could rise
6/22/09 - USA Today

Duncan: States could lose out on stimulus cash
6/18/09 - USA Today

Sen. Coburn questions 100 stimulus projects
6/16/09 - The Associated Press

$25 check may cost some their food stamps
6/15/09 - The Associated Press

Education chief hopes stimulus will push standards
6/15/09 - USA Today

Mayors say cities need bigger cut of federal stimulus money
6/14/09 - The Providence Journal

Spending Stimulus Money Takes Money
6/12/09 - The Washington Post

Despite stimulus, schools feel budget pain
6/11/09 - Stateline.org

Obama wants to speed outflow of stimulus funds
6/9/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Additional $25 Per Week in Unemployment Benefits Tops $100 Million (32K PDF)
6/8/09 - Texas Workforce Press Release

L.A. County stimulus-fund jobs could be canceled out by state budget crisis
6/4/09 - The Los Angeles Post

Benefit spending soars to new high
6/3/09 - USA Today

Biden defends pace of stimulus spending
6/2/09 - The Associated Press

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May 2009

Stimulus projects bypass hard-hit states
5/28/09 - USA Today

States, Nonprofits Jockey for 'Weatherizing' Funds
5/28/09 - The Wall Street Journal

Police officers saved by stimulus may still lose jobs
5/26/09 - CNN.com

TWC Requests Federal Money in Response to Alcoa Plant Closure (24K PDF)
5/21/09 - Texas Workforce Press Release

Tracking Stimulus Spending May Not Be as Easy as Promised
5/21/09 - The Washington Post

Warning on Contractors
5/21/09 - The New York Times

Food stamp stimulus hits state economies
5/19/09 - Stateline.org

Dallas utility Oncor may test electric cars for Ford
5/13/09 - The Dallas Morning News

Stimulus Aid Trickles Out, but States Seek Quicker Relief
5/12/09 - The New York Times

States Can Use Stimulus Money to Track Their Stimulus Spending
5/12/09 - The Wall Street Journal

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April 2009

Tracking stimulus money is a click away
4/3/09 - KXAN Austin News

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March 2009

Austin granted $7 million to aid energy projects
3/27/09 - The Daily Texan

New comptroller site monitors Texas stimulus dollars
3/2/09 - Austin Business Journal