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ARRA Funds Appropriated

Information from Senate Bill 1, General Appropriations Act, 81st Legislature, Regular Session.

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Sec. 1. The several sums of money herein specified, or so much thereby as may be necessary, are appropriated out of any funds in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, or out of special funds as indicated, for the support, maintenance or improvement of the designated agencies.

State Agency/Appropriation Item Amount
Commission on the Arts $427,300
Promotion of the Arts - Partnership Agreements $427,300
Office of the Attorney General $37,400,000
Child Support Enforcement $27,300,000
Crime Victims Compensation $7,800,000
Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) $2,300,000
Fiscal Programs - Comptroller of Public Accounts $284,800,000
State Energy Program $218,800,000
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant $45,600,000
ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate Program $20,400,000
Trusteed Programs within the Office of the Governor $101,400,000
Byrne Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) $90,300,000
Crime Victims Assistance $2,100,000
Violence Against Women $9,000,000
Department of Aging and Disability Services $10,200,000
Senior Nutrition Program - Congregate Nutrition $4,000,000
Senior Nutrition Program - Home Delivered Meals $2,000,000
Title XX $4,200,000
Department Of Assistive And Rehabilitative Services $87,600,000
IDEA, Part C, Special Education Grants for Infants and Families $39,400,000
Independent Living Services - State Grants $1,100,000
Independent Living Services - Elderly/Blind $2,300,000
Vocational Rehabilitation Services $44,800,000
Department of Family and Protective Services $64,370,942
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) $16,388,233
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) $47,982,709
Department of State Health Services $5,698,070
Section 317 Immunizations (Prevention and Wellness) $3,160,681
Prevention and Wellness Fund $400,000
Infection Reduction Activities $2,137,389
Health and Human Services Commission $2,560,594,804
Food Stamps (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) $27,600,000
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) $17,868,380
Medicaid Enhanced FMAP $2,513,000,000
Prevention and Wellness Fund $2,126,424
Texas Education Agency $5,874,392,500
Education for Homeless Children and Youth $3,500,000
Educational Technology State Grants $59,400,000
IDEA, Special Education Grants to States $945,600,000
Title I, Grants to Local Educational Agencies $944,600,000
IDEA, Preschool Grants to States $24,300,000
Title I, School Improvement Grants $285,200,000
Education Stabilization Funds for FSP Funding and ASF Shortfall $3,250,200,000
Proclamation 2010 Textbooks $361,592,500
Higher Education Coordinating Board $80,000,000
Incentive Funding $80,000,000
General Academic Institutions $81,000,000
Formula Funding $81,000,000
Health Related Higher Education Institutions $51,000,000
Formula Funding $51,000,000
Higher Education And Other Government Programs $111,407,500
Angelo State University - Nursing & Allied Health $2,000,000
Blinn College - Star of Texas $100,000
Coastal Bend Community College - Mobile Simulation Lab $500,000
Commission on the Arts - Cultural Trust $1,000,000
Department of State Health Services - Vernon State Hospital $2,500,000
Historical Commission - Renovate Presidio de San Saba $1,000,000
Lamar Port Arthur - Centennial Scholarships $500,000
Lamar University - Institutional Enhancement $2,500,000
Midwestern University - Autism Support Program $220,000
Office of the Governor Trusteed Programs - Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grants $5,000,000
Sam Houston University - Institutional Enhancement $4,000,000
Temple College - Eastern Williamson County Higher Education Center $805,000
Texas A&M Health Science Center - College of Medicine Expansion $8,000,000
Texas A&M Health Science Center in McAllen - Biosecurity and Import Safety $1,000,000
Texas A&M Texarkana - Downward Expansion $6,000,000
Texas A&M University-Commerce - BS Construction Engineering $1,000,000
Texas Department of Agriculture - Fairpark Agriculture Buildings $1,000,000
Texas Education Agency - Houston Early College High School $1,000,000
Texas Engineering Experiment Station - Nuclear Power Institute $4,000,000
Texas State University-San Marcos - River Systems Monitoring $1,000,000
Texas Tech Health Science Center - West Texas Area Health Education Center $4,000,000
Texas Tech University - Emerging Technologies Research $4,000,000
University of Houston - Energy Research $3,000,000
University of Houston-Downtown - Community Development $250,000
University of North Texas - Institutional Enhancement $2,000,000
University of North Texas State - Historical Association $150,000
University of North Texas System - Law School Contingency $5,000,000
University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston - Heart Institute - Adult Stem Cell Program $5,000,000
University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston - Public Health $9,500,000
University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio - Life Science Institute $4,000,000
University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio - Regional Academic Health Center $6,500,000
University of Texas-San Antonio - Life Science Institute $4,000,000
University of Texas-Austin - Law School Clinical Program $420,000
University of Texas-Dallas - Middle School Brain Years $6,000,000
University of Texas-Dallas - Academic Bridge $462,500
University of Texas-Dallas - Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology $5,000,000
University of Texas-San Antonio - P-16 Council $500,000
University of Texas-Southwestern - Institute for Genetic & Molecular Disease $8,000,000
Vernon Community College - Workforce Training Development $500,000
Public Community/Junior Colleges $15,000,000
Formula Funding $15,000,000
Department Of Agriculture $21,800,000
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program $8,200,000
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program - Administration $2,100,000
National School Lunch Equipment $11,500,000
Commission On Environmental Quality $12,509,000
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund $10,779,000
Clean Diesel Grant $1,730,000
Department Of Housing And Community Affairs $565,075,732
Weatherization Assistance Program $326,975,732
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) $48,200,000
HOME Program $148,400,000
Homelessness Prevention $41,500,000
Office of Rural Community Affairs $19,500,000
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) $19,500,000
Department of Transportation $1,637,800,000
Highway and Bridge Construction $1,587,800,000
Urban and Non-Urban Capital Transit $50,000,000
Texas Workforce Commission $436,811,767
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) $198,511,767
Employment Services (ES) $27,200,000
Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) $1,300,000
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - Adults $24,300,000
Workforce Investment Act - Adult - Skills Development Program $10,000,000
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - Dislocated Workers $53,800,000
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - Youth $82,000,000
Unemployment Insurance - Improve Systems $39,700,000
Total ARRA Funding For Fiscal Years 2010-2011 $12,058,787,615

Sec. 2. Informational Item: Fiscal Year 2009 Allocations.

In addition to the amounts appropriated above, it is estimated that the following amounts will be distributed in fiscal year 2009 under provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the following purposes:

State Agency/Appropriation Item Amount
Health and Human Services Commission: Enhanced Federal Medical Assistance
Office of the Attorney General: Child Support Enforcement $27,300,000
Texas Department of Transportation: Highway & Bridge Construction $662,200,000
Total, Fiscal Year 2009 Allocation $2,309,343,693

Sec. 3. Informational Item: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding not included in this Act.

In addition to the amounts appropriated in this Article, it is estimated that the following amounts will not be appropriated to state agencies but available for distribution to local entities.

State Agency/Appropriation Item Amount
Urban and Non-Urban Transit Funds $325,000,000
Byrne Justice Assistance Grants $57,000,000
Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Funds Allocated to Hospitals $71,000,000
Homelessness Prevention Funds Allocated to Locals $63,000,000
Clean Water State Revolving Fund $181,000,000
Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund $161,000,000
Total, ARRA funding not included in this Act $858,000,000