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Two Ways to File Electronically

1. Secure File Transfer of NAUPA file

If you were directed to this webpage from our software reporting system, use the secure file transfer link below to finalize the process.

  1. Deliver the report using our secure file transfer process, where you browse and upload your report through our website. Texas uses the reporting format developed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). Files must be prepared in the NAUPA II record layout, regardless of the reporting system used.
  2. If required, a Texas NAUPA II compliant file can be generated by using our Unclaimed Property Reporting System. If you already have a NAUPA II file created by another reporting system, simply click on the secure file transfer link to complete the submission process.

2. File Online - Online Express Reporting System

This system can be used if you do not already have a completed report file in the NAUPA format. NAUPA files can be transmitted by clicking on the secure file transfer link on this page.

Get started by applying for a User ID and password.

Our Online Express Reporting system allows you to enter your unclaimed property report directly into the Comptroller’s computer after you set up a password-protected account with the Unclaimed Property Division.

If you are reporting for more than one holder/entity, you will not be able to use the Online Reporting System. You may instead download our Unclaimed Property Reporting System and report for multiple holders/entities.


  • No software to download and install
  • Allows you to report electronically without support from your IT staff
  • Provides a secure environment for warehousing your data until you are ready to submit the report
  • Makes most report data available to owners as soon as your payment is verified

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