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Proving Ownership

The unclaimed property claim form includes instructions and provides examples of documentation required to prove you are the rightful owner of the property you are claiming.

When we receive your completed claim form and documentation, we review it carefully. If there is not sufficient proof of ownership, we will contact you or the reporting company by mail for additional information.

Please allow us 3 to 4 months to review and process your claim. Claims that involve minerals, stocks, estates or other complex issues may take longer.

You may contact our office or use the online tool to check the status of your claim.

Proving Ownership: This video will explain how you can prove ownership of unclaimed property.

Original Owner Claim

If you were reported as the owner of this property, you will be filing an Original Owner claim form.

General Claim

If you are:

  • a parent/custodian claiming on behalf of a minor
  • the guardian or trustee of the reported owner
  • an heir or executor/administrator of the deceased property owner

you will be filing a General Claim Form.

Filing a General Claim: This tutorial video will provide you the basics on how to can file a general claim for unclaimed property.

Answering General Claim Questions: This official tutorial will explain how to answer questions when filing a general claim.

Business Claim

If you are an officer or official claiming on behalf of a:

  • corporation
  • partnership
  • sole proprietorship
  • professional association
  • non-profit organization
  • government entity
  • or private organization

you will be filing a Business Claim Form.

Business Claim: This official tutorial will explain how to file an unclaimed property claim in Texas on behalf of a business.

Multiple Corporate Claim (MCC)

If you are an officer or official claiming on behalf of a major corporation that operates under different names or subsidiaries do not use our online search.

Your request for a multiple-property corporate claim must include:

  • the parent company information (name, address, FEI number)
  • contact person’s name and phone or email address
  • list of all subsidiaries and assumed names (DBAs)

You can email us the information, or you may fax your request to 888-908-9991. An MCC form and instructions will be mailed to the corporate address.

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