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Electronic Remittance of Unclaimed Property Securities
to the State of Texas

The Unclaimed Property Program prefers all securities be remitted electronically to the state's custodian, the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Co.

Before delivering securities electronically, a list of the stock must either be e-mailed to unclaimed.settlements@cpa.state.tx.us or faxed to (512) 463-5893, Attn: Settlement & Custody Services Division. A copy of the list must also be faxed to (512) 463-3750, Attn: Holder Reporting or e-mailed to up.holder@cpa.state.tx.us.

The stock listed should be headed with the following information:

  • Delivery date
  • Delivering Depository Trust Company (DTC) Broker ID
  • Remit year
  • Remitter's name
  • Remitter's tax identification number

The body of the list should be in cusip order and list the following information:

  • Issue name
  • Issue cusip
  • Share quantity per settlement transaction

*If securities are being delivered via the DTC and the Federal Reserve Bank, prepare two separate lists.

Please call Custody and Settlement Services at (512) 463-1988 to verify the receipt of the fax or request a read receipt from the e-mail system.

You must still follow the reporting procedures detailed in the Unclaimed Property Reporting Instruction booklet. Security delivery codes (DTC, PHYSICAL or ACCOUNT) should be included on each property record. Owners of non-transferable or worthless securities should also be listed on your property report and coded UNT (Non-transferable).

Please note on your report that the shares are being settled electronically through the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company.

DTC Delivery Instructions

Participant Account No:
Participant Name:
Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Co
Account No:
Unclaimed Prop Remit from (insert remitter's name)

All Deliveries Must be Versus Free Payment

Federal Reserve Bank Delivery Instructions

Bank Name:
Tx Comp Austin
Attn: Custody and Settlement Services

All Deliveries Must be Versus Free Payment

Required Plug-ins:

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