Records of Other Governmental Entities

The Comptroller’s office maintains the records of certain other governmental entities, which have been abolished or dissolved. To submit a request for records of these entities, please clearly indicate in your request the former agency you are asking about. For most of these entities, we maintain only employment records. Following is a list of former governmental entities whose records the Comptroller’s office maintains:

  • Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations
  • Bowie Memorial Hospital
  • Criminal Justice Policy Council
  • Goliad Hospital
  • Prosecutor Council
  • Rebecca Creek Municipal Utility District
  • Sesquicentennial Committee
  • Shiner Hospital
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board
  • Texas Coastal and Marine Council
  • Texas Growth Fund
  • Texas Growth Fund II
  • Texas Health Facilities Commission
  • Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission
  • Texas Indian Commission
  • Texas Merit System Council
  • Texas National Research Laboratory Commission
  • Texas Residential Construction Commission