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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Military Snapshot / 2019

Texas military installations play a vital role in our strategic national defense and provide significant benefits to the entire state economy. In many cases, these bases are the lifeblood of their communities, supporting local businesses and spurring home sales. But their economic impact reaches throughout the state, creating jobs in a wide variety of industries.

Military bases in Texas support more than 226,000 direct jobs and $75.3 billion to Texas’ gross domestic product annually. They support an estimated 634,000 Texas workers in some capacity, contributing at least $39.2 billion in disposable personal income for our citizens.

By detailing the economic impact of the 14 U.S. military installations in Texas, we hope to emphasize their importance to strong, diverse and growing regional economies.

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  Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Texas’ U.S. Military Bases

Texas' U.S. Military Bases; Map of the 14 bases in the study.




Direct and Indirect Employment





Gross Domestic Product


Employment, Output and Disposable Personal Income

Installation Direct Employment Direct and Indirect Employment Output Gross Domestic Product Disposable Personal Income
Army Futures Command 586 2,342 $0.36 billion $0.22 billion $0.14 billion

Corpus Christi Army Depot

3,658 10,887 $1.78 billion $1.10 billion $0.70 billion

Dyess AFB

6,005  19,200 $3.84 billion $2.33 billion $1.21 billion

Ellington Field JRB 

753 2,323 $0.47 billion $0.29 billion $0.14 billion

Fort Bliss

  47,045 130,943 $25.67 billion $15.62 billion $8.10 billion

Fort Hood

56,023 152,701 $29.86 billion $18.16 billion $9.69 billion

Goodfellow AFB

8,309 21,410 $4.54 billion $2.75 billion $1.25 billion
Joint Base San Antonio 73,707 210,998 $41.33 billion $25.20 billion $12.97 billion
Laughlin AFB 3,961  10,201 $2.03 billion $1.24 billion $0.61 billion
NAS Corpus Christi 4,782 15,261 $2.80 billion $1.70 billion $0.91 billion
NAS Fort Worth JRB 6,616 20,042 $3.79 billion $2.32 billion $1.27 billion
NAS Kingsville 1,647 4,695 $0.85 billion $0.53 billion $0.29 billion
Red River Army Depot 3,887 10,566 $1.72 billion $1.07 billion $0.68 billion
Sheppard AFB 9,576 22,323 $4.63 billion $2.80 billion $1.28 billion


Military bases make significant contributions to our state. They generate at least $123.7 BILLION in economic activity each year and support and strengthen communities throughout Texas.

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