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Franchise Tax Smart FormsFranchise Tax

You must download these forms from our site and use Adobe Reader to fill them out. Do not attempt to use your browser.

Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed.

For the desktop:

  1. Ctl+click (cmd+click for Mac) on the form link and select Save As....
  2. Save the form to your desktop or other appropriate location.
  3. Open Adobe Reader
  4. Use Adobe Reader to open the downloaded form.

For mobile devices:

  1. Tap on the link for the form you need.
  2. When the form opens, tap anywhere on the form and look for the Open In... link.
  3. Tap Open In... and select Adobe Reader.

After following the steps above, if you continue to have problems completing the Smart Forms, print the blank form, manually complete your return and mail it to us.

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