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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Service Provider Outreach

BDO has been tasked with creating a public-facing broadband availability map, which includes a location fabric of all broadband serviceable locations in the state and indicates eligible vs. ineligible areas for financial assistance.

To map areas of broadband availability and where service gaps exist, the BDO has requested existing internet access and service speed data directly from internet service providers (ISPs). 

Accurate and timely submission of data by ISPs is critical to directing infrastructure project funding to areas in need. ISPs that did not submit requested data may not be awarded grants, loans or other financial incentives from the BDO (Texas Government Code, Sec. 490I.0106).

The BDO identified broadband service providers who previously filed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Form 477, which reported the delivery of internet speeds faster than 200 kilobits per second up or down in Texas. The BDO then sought to identify relevant points of contact for each company through FCC filer information, state resources, third party services, and signup lists at kickoffs and broadband events. Additional companies and points of contact were added to the BDO ISP database as the BDO was made aware of them.

Each company was contacted directly and informed of the BDO mapping program. They were invited to voluntarily participate in the submission of broadband service availability data and provided with:

Outreach was made through multiple direct emails to identified company contacts, roundtable discussions, press releases and social media postings. Companies that did not submit requested data by the reporting deadline also received follow-up emails and phone calls to identify barriers to participation.

The data collected will be de-identified, aggregated and incorporated into the first public Texas broadband availability map to be published no later than Jan. 1, 2023. Individual ISP-level data remains confidential and not subject to disclosure under Chapter 552, Government Code. Communities, government officials and members of the public can use the map for identifying areas of need and further regional analysis. Applicants for the broadband grant program will use the map and its data to identify locations in a proposed project area. The BDO will use the map to strategically address the needs of Texas.

The ISPs who submitted data on time and are therefore eligible to apply for BDO funding — independently or as part of a partnership — are listed below. These ISPs must continue to provide their availability data to BDO through subsequent requests.

BDO will continue to engage with the 71 ISPs that did not report their data in time in hopes of achieving 100 percent participation when the map is refreshed. The map will be updated twice per year.

The next data refresh will be announced in the coming months. Questions regarding map data submissions can be directed to

  • 3 Rooms Communications LLC
  • Alenco Communications Inc. (Pathway Com-Tel)
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Altice
  • AMA TechTel
  • Astound Broadband (Formerly Grande Communications)
  • AT&T
  • Autophone of Laredo
  • AW Broadband
  • Backroads Broadband
  • Bandera Electric Cooperative
  • Bartlett Electric Cooperative
  • Bee Creek Communications Inc.
  • Bestline Communications LP
  • Big Bend Telephone Company (BBT)
  • Blossom Telephone Company Inc.
  • Brazoria Telephone Company
  • Brazos Telephone Cooperative Inc. (dba Brazos Communications)
  • Brazos WiFi
  • Cable One (Sparklight)
  • Cablelynx Broadband
  • Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative Inc
  • CellTex Networks LLC
  • Centex Web Access
  • Central Texas Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Centric Fiber
  • CenturyLink Lumen (Brightspeed)
  • Charter Communications
  • Cherokee County Electric Cooperative
  • Ciomperlik Enterprises LLC*
  • Cobalt Ridge
  • Coleman County Telephone Cooperative
  • Colorado Valley Communications
  • Comcell
  • Community Internet Providers
  • Community Telephone Company Inc.
  • Concho Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Cumby Telephone Coop. Inc.
  • Cutter Communications (dba GCEC Telecom)
  • Dell Telephone Cooperative
  • Eastex Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Electronic Corporate Pages Inc (ECPI)
  • ENMR Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • En-Touch Systems Inc.
  • Etex Communications
  • Etex Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Evolve Cellular Inc.
  • Express WISP LLC
  • Ezee Fiber Texas (Formerly ICTX-Wave Media)
  • Falcon Broadband Networks
  • Falcon Internet
  • Fastwyre Broadband
  • Fiber Wave LLC
  • FiberLight
  • Five Area Systems LLC
  • Frontier Communications
  • Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative
  • Greenville Electric Utility System (GEUS)
  • GrimesCountyNET LLC
  • Guadalupe Valley Communications Systems
  • Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Hill Country Telephone Cooperative
  • Hill Country Towers Inc.
  • Industry Telephone Company
  • InnerCity Fiber
  • JackRabbit Wireless
  • Jackson Electric Cooperative
  • La Ward Communications
  • Lake Livingston Telephone
  • Lipan Telephone Company
  • Livingston Telephone Company (AKA Highline)
  • Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative
  • Millennium Telcom LLC
  • MSEC Communications LLC
  • Net Ops Communications
  • Netrix
  • Nexstream
  • Nextlink Internet
  • Nortex
  • North Texas Telephone Company
  • NTS Inc.
  • Open Infra
  • Panhandle Telephone Cooperative
  • Peoples Communication LLC.
  • Peoples Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Pharr
  • Pinnacle Network Solutions Inc.
  • Plains Internet
  • Poka Lambro Telecommunications Ltd.
  • Premier Holdings LLC (dba Premier Broadband)*
  • PS Lightwave
  • Reach Broadband
  • Resound Networks
  • Rise Broadband
  • Riviera Telephone
  • rNetworks LLC
  • Rural Telecommunications of America Inc.
  • Santa Rosa Telephone Coop Inc.
  • SOS Communications
  • South Plains Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Southwest Texas Telephone
  • Speed of Light Broadband
  • Sprocket Networks Inc.
  • Spry Wireless Communications Inc.
  • SureFire Internet
  • Taylor Telephone Cooperative
  • TDS Telecommunications LLC
  • Texas Rural Internet LLC
  • Texoma Communications LLC (TekWav)
  • TISD Inc.
  • Totelcom Communications
  • Transtelco
  • Ts Network
  • TXOL Internet Inc.
  • United Cooperative Services
  • UScellular
  • USFon
  • Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc. (TX)
  • VEOpoint
  • Verizon
  • VGI Technology
  • ViaSat
  • Victoria Electric Cooperative
  • VTX Communications
  • Vyve Broadband
  • Web Fire Communications
  • Webatron
  • West Texas Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • Wes-Tex Telecommunications Ltd.
  • Wi-Five Broadband (3 Rooms Communications)
  • Windstream
  • WT Services Bushland
  • XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc.
  • YK Communications
  • Zero2 Wireless
  • Zion Broadband
  • Zito Media

* Indicates ISP did not have service data to submit but contacted BDO per the ISP Submission FAQs.

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