Unclaimed Property Reporting Details

How do I know what to file?

All property has an "abandonment period." This is the amount of time from the last contact with the owner before it is considered abandoned.

Abandonment Periods for Property by Type
Type of PropertyProperty CodeAbandonment Period
Wages, Payroll or SalaryMS011 year
Utility DepositsUT011 year
Current Production of Ongoing Mineral InterestMI101 year
Demutualization CashSC851 year
Demutualization SharesSC861 year
Stored Value C ardMS121 to 3 years
Safe Deposit Box ContentsSD015 years
Other Deposit AccountsAC095 years
Traveler's ChecksCK0815 years
All Other Property(See Property Types)3 years

Determining Last Date of Contact

Whenever a holder makes contact with the property owner, that is the current last date of contact.

If you hold multiple properties for a single owner, any contact with the owner sets the last date of contact for all their properties.

Contact is defined as:

  • Talking in person
  • Owner calls by phone
  • Correspondence from the owner
  • Owner logs into a password-protected system
  • Email from the owner
  • Check payable to the owner is cashed or cleared

You can also substitute:

  • Last date of employment or work for uncashed wages
  • Date of check issued for uncashed chaecks

Second-hand contact, mail that is not returned or returned mail - with or without a change of address - are not considered valid forms of contact.

If there is no last date of contact or valid substitute, then report the property as soon as possible.

If the abandonment period is three years, after the third year anniversary of the last date of contact, the property is considered unclaimed/abandoned, and must be delivered to the comptroller before the due date.

For example:

Jane is the holder of a property that had reached its three-year anniversary in January of the current year. The property should be reported and remitted to the Comptroller's office between March 1 and July 1, 2015.

When the three-year anniversary occurs after March 1st but before July 1st, the property would be remitted to the Comptroller by the next due date.

For example:

Jim is the holder of a property that reached its three-year anniversary in April of the current year. The property is considered abandoned as of April, of the current year but does not have to be reported and sent until July 1 of the following year.

If you do not hold any property abandoned in the past year, you are not required to file a report.

Due Diligence

Properties over $250 have a due diligence requirement.

A notice must be mailed no later than May 1 to all owners of property over $250 that will be included in report. The holders may charge the cost of postage as a service charge against each property.

If the holder does not have an address for the owner, or if they have already mailed a letter to the owner, due diligence is not required.

Refer to the resources links on this page for sample due diligence letters.

Records Retention

All holders are required to retain records of unclaimed property for 10 years after the property has been reported.

Voluntary Disclosure

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