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Property Type Codes - Texas Unclaimed Property

Properties are identified/communicated by Property Type Codes. The codes start with two letters that identify the group and end with two numbers that identify the type.

Property Codes by Type of Business
Business TypeGroup Code
All Businesses MS
Banks and Financial Institutions AC, SD, CS, HS, IR and CK
Courts and Local Government Entities CT
Funeral Homes TR06
Insurance Companies IN
Mineral Interests MI
Securities Brokers IR, SC
Utilities UT
AC: Financial Institution Accounts
Property Type Code
Checking accounts  AC01 
Savings accounts  AC02 
Matured certificates of deposit  AC03 
Unidentified deposits  AC07
Other deposit accounts AC09
Aggregated property AC99*
CK: Official Checks
Property Type Code
Cashier‘s checks  CK01
Certified checks  CK02
Registered checks  CK03
Drafts  CK05
Warrants  CK06
Money orders  CK07
Traveler‘s checks  CK08
Foreign exchange checks  CK09
Expense checks  CK10
Pension checks  CK11
Credit checks or memos  CK12
Vendor checks  CK13
Any other outstanding official checks or exchange items  CK15
CD Interest checks  CK16
Aggregated property CK99*
CS: Educational Savings Accounts
Property Type Code
Educational savings accounts CS01
Educational savings accounts mutual funds CS02
Educational savings accounts securities CS03
Aggregated property CS99*
CT: Courts/Legal
Property Type Code
Escrow funds  CT01
Condemnation awards  CT02
Missing heirs‘ funds  CT03
Suspense accounts  CT04
Any other types of deposits made with a court or public authority  CT05
Aggregated property CT99*
HS: Health Savings Accounts
Property Type Code
Health savings accounts HS01
Health savings accounts investment HS02
Aggregated property HS99*
IN: Insurance
Property Type Code
Individual policy benefits or claim payments  IN01
Group policy benefits or claim payments  IN02
Death benefits due beneficiaries  IN03
Proceeds from matured policies, endowments, or annuities  IN04
Premium refunds on individual policies  IN05
Unidentified remittances  IN06
Other amounts due under policy terms  IN07
Agent credit balances  IN08
Aggregated property IN99*
IR: Individual Retirement Accounts
Property Type Code
Traditional IRA cash IR01
Traditional IRA mutual funds IR02
Traditional IRA securities IR03
Roth IRA cash IR05
Roth IRA mutual funds IR06
Roth IRA securities IR07
Aggregated property IR99*
MI: Proceeds from Mineral Interests
Property Type Code
Net revenue interests  MI01
Royalties  MI02
Overriding royalties  MI03
Production payments  MI04
Working interests  MI05
Bonuses  MI06
Delay rentals  MI07
Shut-in royalties  MI08
Minimum royalties  MI09
Current production payments MI10
MS: General Business, Miscellaneous Checks and Intangible Personal Property
Property Type Code
Wages, payroll, or salary  MS01
Commissions  MS02
Worker’s compensation benefits  MS03
Payment for goods and services  MS04
Customer overpayments  MS05
Unidentified remittances  MS06
Unrefunded overcharges  MS07
Accounts payable  MS08
Accounts receivable credit balances  MS09
Discounts due  MS10
Refunds/rebates due  MS11
Stored value cards/gift certificates MS12
Cash loan collateral  MS13
Sums payable under pension and profit sharing plans (IRA, KEOGH)  MS14
Property distributable during involuntary dissolution or liquidation  MS15
Any other miscellaneous outstanding checks  MS16
Any other miscellaneous intangible personal property  MS17
Aggregated property MS99*
SC: Securities
Property Type Code
Dividends  SC01
Interest payable on registered bonds  SC02
Funds paid toward the purchase of shares or interest in a financial or business organization  SC06
Bearer bond interest and matured principal  SC07
Undelivered (RPO) shares  SC08
Cash for fractional shares  SC09
Unexchanged stock of successor corporation  SC10
Any other certificates of ownership  SC11
Underlying shares  SC12
Funds for liquidation/redemption of unsurrendered stocks/bonds  SC13
Debentures  SC14
U.S. Government securities  SC15
Book-entry mutual fund shares  SC16
Warrants or rights  SC17
Matured principal on registered bonds  SC18
Dividend reinvestment plans  SC19
Credit balances  SC20
Non transferable Certificated shares SC40
Book entry shares SC41
Securities held by broker/dealer SC42
Demutualization cash  SC85
Demutualization shares  SC86
Aggregated property SC99*
SD: Safe Deposit Boxes and Safekeeping
Property Type Code
Contents of safe deposit boxes held by depositories  SD01
Safekeeping property  SD02
Other tangible property  SD03
Tangible unclaimed loan collateral  SD04
TR: Trust, Investments and Escrow Accounts
Property Type Code
Paying agent accounts  TR01
Undelivered dividends or uncashed dividends  TR02
Funds held in a fiduciary capacity  TR03
Escrow accounts  TR04
Trust vouchers  TR05
Pre-need funeral plans  TR06
Aggregated property TR99*
UT: Utilities
Property Type Code
Utility deposits  UT01
Membership fees  UT02
Refunds or rebates  UT03
Capital credit distributions  UT04
Aggregated property UT99*

Aggregating Property

If you have multiple properties of the same type under $25, you may be able to aggregate them into a single property using the property code ending in 99. The amount will equal the combined total.

SD (Safe Deposit Box and Safekeeping) and MI (Mineral Interests) property type codes cannot be aggregated.

Although it is allowed by law, we discourage aggregating because:

  • it creates additional correspondence for the holder
  • it may increase records retention
  • it delays the claims process
  • it decreases the number of properties that can be found by owners