United States Naval Academy
    Attn: Admissions Officer
    121 Blake Road
    Annapolis, MD  21402-5000                        (SAT code 5809)
    410-293-1858                                     (ACT code 1742)
    As the undergraduate college of our country's naval service, the
    Naval Academy prepares young men and women to become professional
    officers of competence, character, and compassion in the U.S. Navy
    and Marine Corps.  Naval Academy students are midshipmen on active duty
    in the U.S. Navy.  They attend the academy for four years, graduating
    with bachelor of science degrees and commissions as ensigns in the
    Navy or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps.  Graduates serve at
    least five years in the Navy or Marine Corps.

    Admission is based on academic merit, athletic achievement, and record
    of extracurricular activities.  A candidate must also obtain a nomina-
    tion to be considered for an appointment as a midshipman.  There are
    many sources of nominations, including U.S. Senators and Represent-
    atives, the President, the Vice-President, and the Secretary of the
    Navy.  Candidates must be at least 17 years of age and must not
    have passed their 23rd birthday by July 1st of the year of admission.
    Candidates must be unmarried, not pregnant and have no dependents;
    all candidates must be U.S. citizens and of good moral character.  You
    should apply for admission between April of your junior year in high
    school and January of your senior year in high school.