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Request for Application (RFA) - Public Schools

Public Schools Exterior LED Lighting Retrofits (RFA-ISD-G2-2022)

Public School LED Lighting retrofits provides reimbursable grants to assist public K-12 ISDs to replace existing exterior lighting along walkways and in parking lots with high-efficiency LED Lighting.The individual projects primarily involve one-for-one replacement of existing high intensity discharge (HID) parking lot fixture heads, overhead exterior covered walkway lighting, and/or existing HID security wall packs with suitable new replacement fixtures and accessories as required.

Solicitation Details

  • Subject to approval, approximately $1 million is available.
  • Maximum reimbursable grant size per successful application: $50,000
  • All proceeds must be expended by August 31, 2022.
  • Successful Applicant will provide 20% Match of the awarded application amount.
Schedule of Events
Key Deadlines Date
Issuance June 30, 2021
Written Questions Due July 9, 2021– 2 p.m. CT
Application Submission August 6, 2021– 2 p.m. CT
Contract Execution September 1, 2021


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