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Request for Proposals

Council of Governments Regional Energy Management (RFP No. 231c)


The State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) Request for Proposal No. 231c invites proposals from qualified Texas Councils of Government to develop and deploy a regionally focused energy management program that demonstrates the value and benefits of an increased regional focus on Energy Education, Quantification of Facility/Infrastructure consumption through Benchmarking, and the development of a Regional Template that other regions can consider when identifying methods for increasing regional energy and water savings activities. Respondents should specialize in regional planning activities, creating and coordinating regional forums, coordinating and delivering energy efficiency and water saving resources to local and county government entities and interested parties, and other related energy, water, and resource management activities.

Solicitation Details

  • Maximum contract amount: To be determined
  • Up to three councils of government will be awarded.
  • Successful Respondent will provide twenty percent (20%) Match of the contract amount.
    • Successful Respondent match must meet the criteria described in 2 CFR § 200.306(e).
    • Any portion of Successful Respondent match consisting of volunteer hours must use as a baseline either (a) the firm’s publicly stated rate or (b) a rate at or below the average rate charged for the same professional employee category for the fiscal year.
    • Successful Respondent match must be approved by Department of Energy prior to full contract execution.
Schedule of Events
Key Deadlines Date
Issuance July 28, 2022
Written Questions Due August 4, 2022 – 2 p.m. CT
Proposal Submission August 11, 2022 – 2 p.m. CT
Contract Execution September 14, 2022


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