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Municipally Owned Interior and Exterior LED Lighting Retrofits

Municipally Owned Interior and Exterior LED Lighting Retrofits RFA will provide reimbursable grants to assist municipalities to replace lighting fixtures/equipment in community, recreation and other similar facilities with high-efficiency LED lighting. The RFA is open to all taxpayer-supported Texas municipalities regardless of size. However, SECO encourages applications from smaller, underfunded municipalities across the state.

Solicitation Details

  • Subject to approval, approximately $582,355 is available.
  • Reimbursable grant amount available is up to $50,000 per successful application.
  • All proceeds must be expended by Aug. 31, 2024.
  • Successful applicant will provide 20 percent match of the awarded application amount. However, the 20 percent match may be assessed on the actual amount expended on the retrofits.
  • All Texas municipalities qualify to apply for funds; however, this RFA targets municipalities located in or designated as disadvantaged communities under the disadvantaged communities initiative in accordance with the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool of the Department of Energy.
Schedule of Events
Key Deadlines Date
Issuance Aug. 11, 2023
Written Questions Due Aug. 21, 2023– 2 p.m. CT
Application Submission Sept. 22, 2023– 2 p.m. CT
Contract Execution Oct. 16, 2023, or soon thereafter as practical


Submit questions regarding this RFA using the Written Questions Due link above.