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Remote Energy Assessment Program

SECO’s new Remote Energy Assessment Program will help improve the energy efficiency of public buildings in Texas. The program is designed to identify operational and capital related energy efficiency savings opportunities without onsite visits. Remote assessments use software-based data analytics where sufficient daily, monthly or interval electric usage data is available. Remote assessments are provided at no cost to selected public entities to help reduce energy bills, freeing up operating dollars for other needs and improving the usability and comfort of facilities. SECO has contracted with CLEAResult to provide these assessments.

This is a voluntary collaborative between a public entity and SECO. SECO will provide these services at no cost with the understanding that the Applicant will exert its best efforts in collecting the necessary information for the remote assessment, and act on any cost effective savings opportunities.


Eligible applicants for the program are Texas public K-12 schools, local governments, state agencies and public institutions of higher education, to reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency. SECO encourages applications from K-12 schools in rural areas.

How to Apply

Complete SECO's Remote Energy Assessment Request Form and email it to SECO.

Download Request Form (PDF)

Required Documentation

SECO requires a completed application to be considered for a remote assessment. If selected, the following will need to be provided by applicant:

  • Twelve consecutive, complete months of bills if energy or water is metered continuously
  • If applicable, quantities for at least one delivery of bulk energy (e.g. filling a propane tank)

Principles of Agreement

Specific responsibilities of the Applicant are listed below.

  • Applicant will select a contact person to work with SECO through the completion of remote assessment.
  • The Applicant agrees to provide the needed energy usage and building information required to complete the benchmarking analysis. SECO will then develop a benchmarking report illustrating the energy usage for the specified facilities.
  • The Applicant agrees to provide the needed equipment and building information required to complete the opportunity assessment analysis. SECO will then develop an opportunity assessment report illustrating the most cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities.
  • SECO will aggregate all assessment information on an online portal, which will detail all virtual energy assessment findings. The Applicant will have full access to all data including the facility benchmarking report, opportunity assessment report, and facility level energy usage history for the previous 12 months.
  • Upon completion, Applicant agrees to attend a one-hour virtual facilitated workshop to outline the assessment findings and receive training on use of the online portal.

For more information, contact Program Manager Margaret Garcia.