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Electricity Procurement Services

Electricity consulting and procurement services are offered under Texas SmartBuy Contract 961-M2 awarded by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Statewide Procurement Division to Texas Energy Aggregation. Services include strategy development, market intelligence, as well as procurement of retail power, demand response and renewable energy.

Eligible customers are municipal entities, school districts, utility districts, water authorities, state agencies and universities that participate in Texas SmartBuy. Fees for using procurement services are described in Texas SmartBuy Contract 961-M2.

Texas Energy Aggregation provides two unique opportunities to drive down electricity expenses through the participation in the State of Texas Renewable Energy Cooperative and through their on-site services.

Texas Renewable Energy Cooperative (TREC)

TREC is a renewable energy purchasing cooperative that enables institutions to purchase renewable energy directly for cost savings.

Benefits of TREC include:

  • Low, long-term fixed-pricing for a block of your power needs: around 3 cents/kWh for up to half your usage
  • Ability to participate even if you have years remaining on your current contract - can be included in your next power contract
  • A transparent, competitive bidding process
  • Aggregated purchasing power with the largest public sector users in Texas
  • Procurement of renewable generation to meet environmental and sustainability goals
  • Ensured safety and accountability using Comptroller’s Statewide Purchasing Division

Why it is best to act now:

  • Federal tax credits for renewable energy begin stepping down in 2020
  • A large aggregation has already formed, including state agencies, cities, medical institutions, college districts, and public and private universities
  • The Request for Proposal is already completed
  • Expert consultants on contract with the State Comptroller’s Office are available to offer strategy and market intelligence

Steps to Participate in TREC:

  1. Submit a Letter of Interest (LOI)

    Download, sign, and submit the LOI (PDF). The LOI demonstrates an interest to receive cooperative pricing. There is no obligation to accept any offer.

  2. Submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA)

    For meters in deregulated areas, download, sign and submit the ERCOT form LOA Request for Historical Electricity Usage. Complete and email the LOA to Texas Energy Aggregation. For meters in regulated areas, please submit 12 consecutive monthly bills.

  3. Assess and Prioritize Opportunities

    Participate in one of the informational Texas Energy Aggregation webinars. Texas Energy Aggregation has experienced energy advocates available by phone, email or in person to help identify goals, challenges, current contract end date and answer any questions about offerings. Talk with others about TREC. The more participation, the better the price for everyone.

  4. Receive Competitive Prices
    • Texas Energy Aggregation will create and manage a competitive procurement for the aggregation, along with offers for any additional desired services such as demand response or on-site solar.
    • Bids received are non-binding. There is no obligation to contract with the service providers.
    • Review offers and consult with Texas Energy Aggregation regarding which options and strategies are best for the organization.
  5. Execute Contracting Documents

    Receive the appropriate contract for signature and inclusion into the cooperation by the deadline. Obtain all necessary legal review and authorization according to organization’s procurement rules before signing and returning documents.

Review the list of Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

On-site Services

Solar Energy

Behind-the-meter, on-site solar energy reduces escalating demand and delivery costs and can reduce energy costs, while also providing clean and resilient power to facilities. Each kWh generated on site is accompanied by zero delivery charges, and further reduces delivery costs by shaving your peak load. Solar arrays may be ground-mounted, rooftop or used as carport shade. On-site systems are both a visible commitment to saving energy costs for public institutions and a teaching tool for the classroom. Alternatively, Texas Energy Aggregation can work directly with a client’s local cooperative or municipal electricity company for added value and simplicity.

Demand Response

Demand response service provides revenue and cost savings through voluntary load shedding or dispatching backup generation during rare moments of over-demand on the grid. Demand response can also fund the majority cost of new backup generation for added on-site energy resiliency. Especially when combined with variable-price contracts, demand response delivers added value by reducing on-site electricity consumption during times of the day and year when the demand charges are at their highest rates.

Eligible customers for the Electricity Procurement Services are municipal entities, school districts, state agencies and universities in both competitive and non-competitive electricity regions of Texas.

To learn more, contact Texas Energy Aggregation.