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Texas Power Pool

The Texas Power Pool is a comprehensive electricity purchasing option provided by Texas Energy Aggregation, LLC. Electricity purchase options include access to aggregated blocks of renewable energy, on-site solar energy and demand-response programs to achieve historically low energy costs with no construction outlay. This electricity purchasing option is offered through services under Texas SmartBuy Contract 961-M2 awarded by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Statewide Procurement Division to Texas Energy Aggregation.

Texas Energy Aggregation is available to collect bids on behalf of state agencies and universities, public schools and municipal electricity buyers for genuine, transparent price competition. All fees are prescribed in Texas SmartBuy Contract 961-M2.

The Texas Power Pool has several features.

Public Power Blocks

A standardized block of new-build renewable energy and balancing grid power (natural gas, coal and nuclear) designed to lock in historically low power prices for 15–20 years. Private, third parties seeking good credit and stability will build and maintain the renewable energy systems at no out-of-pocket cost to the client. Their ability to capture a 30 percent federal alternative energy tax credit, which is not available otherwise to public entities, is driving extremely competitive pricing for deals signed before the tax credits begin declining in January of 2020. Among the benefits:

  • immediate cost savings
  • reduced exposure to electricity market volatility
  • ability to integrate with existing and future retail electricity provider contracts
  • 150–200 MW of new-build solar and/or wind power
  • leasing revenue for public lands

Target customers are AA-rated-or-higher Texas municipal entities, school districts and universities, as well as state-funded entities in competitive and non-competitive electricity regions of Texas.

On-site Services

Solar Energy

Behind-the-meter, on-site solar energy reduces escalating demand and delivery costs and can offset utility costs, while also providing clean and resilient power to facilities. Solar arrays may be ground-mounted, rooftop or used as carport shade. On-site systems are both a visible commitment to saving energy costs for public institutions and a teaching tool for the classroom. Alternatively, Texas Energy Aggregation can work directly with a client's local cooperative or municipal electricity company for added value and simplicity.


Demand-response service provides revenue and cost savings through voluntary load shedding or utilizing backup generation. Demand-response can also fund the majority cost of new backup generation for added on-site energy resiliency. When combined with variable-price contracts, demand-response delivers added value by reducing on-site electricity consumption during times of the day and year when the demand charges are at their highest rates.

Eligible customers for the Texas Power Pool are municipal entities, school districts, state agencies and universities in both competitive and non-competitive electricity regions of Texas.

To learn more, contact Texas Energy Aggregation.