Contract Advisory Team - Review and Delegation (CAT-RAD)

The Contract Advisory Team - Delegation and Review (CAT-RAD) is the SPD section dedicated to the review of solicitations for contracts with a value of $10 million or greater as part of the Contract Advisory Team (CAT) and Review and Delegation (RAD) of reviews for contracts between $100,000 and $10 million where agencies are required to obtain delegated authority for purchases over $100,000.

The Contract Advisory Team (CAT) was created to assist state agencies in improving contract management practices by reviewing and making recommendations on solicitation documents and contract documents for contracts that have a value of at least $10 million or greater during the full term of the contract, including any renewals periods authorized under the contract.

Review and Delegation is required when state agency purchasing staff exceed the established dollar limits where agencies have delegated authority to purchasing commodities up to $25,000 and services up to $100,000. If an agency exceeds these established dollar limits they must seek delegated authority from the Comptroller's Office under the Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) to make these purchases.

Agencies shall submit reviews to CATRAD that meet the following criteria:

CAT Reviews

  1. Any agency major contract solicitation of at least $10 million in value must be submitted to the CAT team for review. See Texas Government Code, Sec. 2262.101. CREATION; DUTIES and Sec. 2262.001(4) DEFINITIONS.
  2. State agencies are required, under Texas Government Code, Section 2262.101(d), to:
    • comply with the CAT's recommendations on solicitation and contract documents submitted for mandatory CAT review; or
    • submit a written explanation to the CAT regarding why a specific CAT recommendation is not applicable to the contract under review.
  3. Substantial Changes to Solicitations

    If the initial major contract solicitation document submitted to the CAT changes substantially, agencies are required to resubmit their solicitation document(s) for CAT review. Changes in the major contract solicitation are considered substantial when:

    • the solicitation change caused the estimated value for the original term of the contract, including renewal periods, to increase by 20 percent or more; or
    • there are significant revisions, deletions and/or additions to the specifications, statement of work (SOW), set(s) of deliverables, performance measures, payment methodology, etc.

Should your agency like to request a review of its boilerplate terms and conditions, they may do so annually by having the agency's procurement director submit the request and a copy of the template to 2262.Contract.Advisory.Team@cpa.texas.gov.

Delegation Reviews

  • Any agency contract solicitation (IFB or RFP) for the purchase of services over $100,000 per year must be submitted to SPD (CATRAD) as a request for delegated purchase authority. See Texas Government Code, Sec. 2156.121(c) USE OF COMPETITIVE SEALED PROPOSALS.

CATRAD Benefits

  • The Major Contract Questionnaire (MCQ) has been replaced by an online application to initiate the agency request for a review.
  • A tracking mechanism is available for end-users to acquire live status on a particular request.

The automatic system generation of CAT reviews and delegation

For comments or suggestions regarding the use of the CAT-RAD application, please contact:
Amy Comeaux | 512-475-5684