Texas Multiple Award Schedule Program Contract Documents

Offer Packet Documents

The following requirements must be met for consideration of a TXMAS offer packet.

  1. Submission of a base contract from a valid base contract with a minimum of one year left including renewals.
  2. Texas SmartBuy catalog created in the TXMAS Catalog Template posted below.
  3. For GSA-based contracts, prices must be verifiable online through the GSA website or through the Vendor's website.
  4. Documented base contract sales or (if a previous contractor) TXMAS sales with a state, co-operative or local government entity for the most recent 12 months.
  5. TXMAS will not accept FOB origin for shipping charges on commodities contracts.
    Shipping will be FOB destination only either:
    • Freight included in Price
    • Freight prepaid and allowed (Separate line on Invoice)
  6. Secretary of State registration in Texas or in the applicant's home state and active Franchise Tax registration with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for Status.
  7. During the offer packet review process, vendors will be provided opportunity to correct errors in their catalog submitted for upload to TxSmartBuy.com — a catalog that is not deemed acceptable after the third time of submission will be grounds for rejection of the offer packet.

Qualified applicants may download the following TXMAS Offer Packet documents to request consideration of a TXMAS Award. The TXMAS Offer Packet Checklist must be signed and submitted with all required documents to be considered for review. Sample documents are for reference or instruction only. Reference the TXMAS FAQ document below prior to submitting a TXMAS Offer Packet.


During the evaluation of the submitted TXMAS Offer Packet, additional information may be requested. If the requested information is not received within the allotted time frame, the TXMAS Offer Packet will be declined and a new TXMAS Offer Packet must be submitted. A new TXMAS Offer Packet may be submitted after a 90-day waiting period.

Submission of a TXMAS Offer Packet does not guarantee award of a TXMAS contract. The decision to award a TXMAS contract is solely at the discretion of the SPD.

Contractor may only sell professional services to Customers as defined and mandated by Texas Government Code Chapter 2254, Subchapter A.

Contractor may not sell to state agency Customers under this Contract any consulting services available on Contractor’s Base Contract that are subject to Texas Government Code Chapter 2254, Subchapter B.

CPA will consider Contractor’s violation of these clauses a material breach of the Contract and CPA may immediately terminate the Contract or pursue any other available contract remedy.

Additionally, CPA will NOT award contracts that conflict with currently existing contracts awarded by:


A dealer delivers the product/service to the customer. A dealer receives a purchase order, writes an invoice, and will get paid by the purchasing entity. If dealers are needed on your TXMAS contract, please read the following information. All required documents must be submitted by the contractor.

Required Dealer Documents:

For more information, email TXMAS, call 512-463-3034 option 3.