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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Ready to Put the Purchasing Power of Texas to Work for You?

Texas SmartBuy Membership Program

Our membership extends to urban and rural service associated districts, political subdivisions of the state and non-profit organizations who hold an active state contract or state grant for their educational, health or humanitarian services.

Vendors are not eligible to join the state’s purchasing cooperative. Please find our state vendor program information here.

Start Here to Get Your All Access Membership!

Who is Eligible to Become a Texas SmartBuy Member?
  • Local government entities, such as cities and counties
  • School Districts
  • Education Service Centers
  • Charter & Academy Schools
  • Utility Districts
  • County Appraisal Districts
  • Junior & Community Colleges
  • Housing, Port and Transportation Authorities
  • Mental Health/Mental Disability Community Centers
  • State-funded Assistance Organizations
  • Special Districts, including MUDs, SUDs, Water Improvements Districts, Hospital Districts, Fire Prevention Districts, Emergency Service Districts, Judicial Districts, Library Districts, Political Subdivisions, etc.
  • Workforce Development Boards
  • Community Supervision & Corrections Departments (CS/CDs)
  • Texas Rising Star Child Care Providers (certified by the Texas Workforce Commission)
  • Councils of Government & Planning Commissions (zoning)

For questions regarding your organization's eligibility, please contact the Texas SmartBuy Membership Program at 512-463-3368.

Potential vendors, dealers, contractors, suppliers interested to become a vendor with the state of Texas can learn more here.

What can be Purchased through the Texas SmartBuy Members Program?

Use hundreds of established state contracts to eliminate the need to solicit new bids. Our premier online purchasing system at gives your organization access to incredible benefits, such as hundreds of goods and services available for purchase on state contract negotiated pricing - and without spend thresholds to receive savings. Common purchases include items such as office furniture and vehicles. Many contract items are available to support an organization's specific mission. Mental Health/Mental Disability community centers, for instance, can obtain vaccines and hospital equipment and supplies. Cities and counties can use the contracts to purchase road equipment and law enforcement supplies. School districts can buy library books, cafeteria food and kitchen equipment.

What are the Benefits of a Membership?
  • We're Here for You: The Comptroller's office does not outsource customer service obligations. Our dedicated in-agency care team provides Texas SmartBuy Members with statewide procurement technical and customer service support by phone or email. We also offer one-on-one Texas SmartBuy Members Program purchasing training sessions by phone, webinar or in-person for larger groups.
  • Save Time and Money: Take advantage of the state of Texas' huge purchasing power that results in statewide contracts with competitive prices that agencies and local governments don't have to solicit individually.
  • Order Millions of Products Online/Anytime: Purchase hundreds of items online using, 24/7. Members have online access any time of day or night to review contracts and items available for purchase, place purchase orders and access purchasing resources. Purchase orders are automatically generated for both the purchaser and the vendor.
  • Get the Access You Need: Unlike private purchasing cooperatives, there are NO hidden fees per purchase order for the buyer.
  • Order Securely: All Texas contracts meet state legal obligations and are awarded in accordance with state purchasing statutes and competitive bidding requirements. The Comptroller's office guarantees all contracts.
  • Find Vendors: Search thousands of vendors on the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL), including Texas Certified Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs). Plus, with the state-managed Vendor Performance Tracking System (VPTS), you'll have up-to-date information about past vendor performance and feedback of contracted vendors.
  • Increase Competition: Members can post online bid notices and awards on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD). Quickly reach a larger audience with the ESBD online notification application than traditional posting methods.
  • Earn Rebates on Qualified Purchases: Obtain payment charge cards through the use of the state's Commercial Card Program, and leverage rebate opportunities to increase financial advantage on expenses.
  • Save on Fuel: Participants in the Texas SmartBuy Members Program using the state retail fuel card contract save with quarterly rebates on every dollar spent. Issue the card to a driver or vehicle and use towards maintenance, repair purchases and roadside assistance services. Qualified Texas SmartBuy members are not obligated to pay federal fuel taxes.
  • Receive Discounted Rates on Travel: Qualifying participants with the Texas SmartBuy Members Program may use the State Travel Management Program at state contracted locations for discounted rates on flights, rental cars, travel agency services, and thousands of hotels.
How to Become a Member of the Texas SmartBuy Membership Program

Your organization can become a Texas SmartBuy Member simply by submitting the following four items to the Statewide Procurement Division within the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

  1. See if your organization is already a Member of the Texas SmartBuy Membership Program.
  2. If your organization hasn't joined, complete a new member application (PDF) and include a check for the $100 annual membership fee.
  3. Mail your Texas SmartBuy Membership application to:
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    Texas SmartBuy Membership
    P.O. Box 13186
    Austin, TX 78711

For questions or comments regarding the Texas SmartBuy Members Program, please email us or call 512-463-3368.