Council on Competitive Government's (CCG) Digital Imaging contract gives state agencies and local governments the ability to convert paper documents to electronic files as well as to host and manage documents on-line.

The new Master Contract includes multiple pre-approved vendors that provide Digital Imaging services.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) serves as the Contract Manager for the Digital Imaging contract. State agencies and local governments that wish to purchase services from the contract must first contact the TSLAC representative listed at the bottom of this webpage. Additional information and forms are on TSLAC’s website.

Key Details

Vendor Information
Cogniserv, LLC Image API, LLC Neubus, Inc. Open Text, Inc. Oveana, LLC

Bill Holder (Sr. Solutions Consultant)
2720 Reed Rd. Suite 240
Houston, TX 77051

Services (PDF)

Karen Viscontini
2100 Kramer Lane
Building 1, Ste. 700
Austin, TX 78758

Services (PDF)

Rhonda Hanrahan
Account Manager
11700 Stonehollow Dr. Suite 100
Austin, TX 78758
512-573-0598 Cell

Services (PDF)

Steve Woods
Sr Director
Information Outsourcing Services
OpenText, Inc
10537 Gulf Dale
San Antonio, TX 78216-6907
210-826-5501 Office
201-422-3093 Cell

Services (PDF)

Steve Darling
Director of Sales & Marketing
123 W. Mills Avenue, Suite 400
El Paso, TX 79901

Services (PDF)


Managing Agency: Texas State Library and Archives Commission

   Nanette Pfiester

State Contact: Aubrey Carver | 512-475-5674