Office of Vehicle Fleet Management State Fuel Card

State Fuel Card Services Contract

The state fuel card is a Voyager Card that may be used at any location that accepts the Voyager Card for retail fueling and other vehicle related expenses.

Contract Term: May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2022

The State Office of Vehicle Fleet Management serves as the contract administrator.

Alternative Fuel Program

Government Code, Chapter 2158 requires state agencies, with fleets larger than 15 vehicles, to purchase alternative fuel-capable vehicles and maintain at least 50 percent of its fleet on alternative fuels. OVFM is empowered to grant waivers to these requirements based on the conditions below:

  • B1 Waiver — Agency vehicles will be operating in an area where neither the agency nor a supplier can establish adequate refueling.
  • B2 Waiver — Agency is unable to obtain equipment to operate alternative fuel vehicles at no greater cost than the continued use of conventional fuels.
  • B3 Waiver — Agency is unable to obtain equipment necessary to operate alternative fuel vehicles.

To apply for an alternative fuel waiver complete the appropriate form (XLS) and return a signed copy, by mail or email, to OVFM. The forms open in Excel spreadsheets; spreadsheet fields shaded yellow are required, while fields in green should be completed as applicable to the specific request. Additional supporting documentation can be provided with the forms. Please contact OVFM with any questions about this process.