Hotel Rate Agreement - Vendor FAQ

Prior to Submitting the Hotel Rate Agreement (HRA)

I was approved with the State last contract term. Do I need to submit another HRA for the next contract term?

If your property has previously submitted a HRA, it is still necessary to complete and submit an HRA through the on-line application process to participate with the State of Texas for the current contract term. The HRA varies somewhat from year to year with the addition and omission of information.

Can I FAX or email the HRA to the STMP?

The STMP will not accept faxed or emailed HRA's. The STMP will only accept completed HRAs through the on-line application process.

What is the original deadline for submitting a HRA?

There is no deadline for submitting a HRA. The online hotel registration system will be available in September through June 30, to secure an agreement with the State for the current fiscal year. Once the online hotel registration is open for renewals and new applications, you will log in at https://portal.cpa.state.tx.us/hotel/, complete the application and submit the HRA to be approved for the current fiscal year. At anytime during this timeframe, you may complete and submit the HRA and upon approval, your facility will be listed as an approved property.

Within the HRA

I do not know my property's Comptroller's taxpayer number and/or Federal ID number for in-state properties?

If you have any questions regarding the Comptroller's taxpayer number, please call 800-252-1385. For questions regarding the Federal ID number, call your accountant.

Who do I contact regarding the phone number for the Telecommunication Device for the Deaf?

If you have questions pertaining to the phone number for the Telecommunication Device for the Deaf, please call Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at 512-407-3250.

Who do I contact regarding the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)?

If you have questions pertaining to a Historically Underutilized Business, or HUB, please call 512-463-5872 or 888-863-5881.

What is the State of Texas daily reimbursable lodging expense?

Pursuant to the General Appropriations Act, state employees traveling may be reimbursed the actual cost of lodging, not to exceed federal travel rates set by the U.S. General Services Administration. For non-listed cities or counties in Texas, the reimbursement maximum shall not exceed $85.00. Please note: a state agency may set a reimbursement rate that is less than the maximum rate specified or have other varying policies.

Do I have to offer the State of Texas daily reimbursable lodging expense?

In order to be awarded a contract with the state of Texas, your property must offer rates at or below current U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) federal per diem rates.

Can I change my property's approved rates during the fiscal year?

At no point during the approved period may a State of Texas rate be increased. If you would like to lower your rates for the remaining of the fiscal year please send a written notification to the State Travel Management Program by email.

Can my property offer lower rates during certain times within the approved period?

If your hotel is able to offer a lower rate at certain times of the fiscal year, but you do not want to commit the hotel to this rate all year, then you may want to list the State of Texas rates at the very minimal discount that is required and then check the Yes box that says "Ask about possible lower rates".

What do I do if my hotel is in a city that has seasonal/tiered rates throughout the contract term?

You will need to submit your highest contract rates to be charged during the contract term; then check the Yes box that says "Do you want travelers to ask about possible lower rates."

Do I have to hold 20% of my single room inventory for the State of Texas ?

The approved rates established in the HRA are based on availability, meaning a first-come, first-served basis.

Is my property compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

If your property was built or renovated in Texas after 1994 then your property must comply with the Texas Accessibility Standards. Property owners are required to file plans for new construction or renovation with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which inspects buildings and issues certifications of compliance for Texas properties. If you are a property in Texas and your hotel/motel was issued a certificate of compliance by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), you do not have to complete the entire ADA section of the HRA. For questions regarding the issuing of certifications, go to TDLR website or call 512-463-6599. Please remember, if you were not issued a certification of compliance, you must complete the entire ADA section.

I have questions regarding the ADA requirements?

For inquiries regarding ADA requirements for either Texas Properties or out-of-state properties, you may call the Southwestern Disability Technical Assistance Center at 800-949-4232. Texas properties may visit the TDLR website or call 512-463-6599.

Out-of-State properties may visit ADA.gov.