Vendor Performance Form Instructions

The vendor performance report (VPR) must be filled out online. An email notification will be sent electronically to the Statewide Procurement Division (SPD), Vendor Performance Coordinator. Follow these instructions to submit a VPR.

  1. Agencies and Texas Smartbuys Members login through the CPA Portal. If you need access, contact your agency superuser, or you may contact the SPD Technical Support Team for assistance.
  2. After login, go to the Vendor Performance Reporting application.
  3. Note: Filling out the VID will automatically populate the form. If the vendor is not on the CMBL, you will need to enter the information.
  4. Complete the rest of the required information on the VPR.
  5. Note: VPRs must contain both performance and resolution codes.
  6. Once the form is complete, select "Submit" on the final screen.

The VPTS will email copy of the VPR directly to the vendor. You may also list additional recipients who will receive a copy of the VPR.