The State of Texas Procurement Manual

Note: January 2017 Changes to Statewide Procurement Rules 34.TAC.20:
Revisions to the Statewide Procurement rules (PDF) were adopted on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, and have been published in the Texas Administrative Code (34.TAC.20). State agency purchasing staff are encouraged to review the revised rules, which will be incorporated into the next revision of the Texas Procurement Manual and Contract Management Guide. Please be aware that TAC references in those documents linked here may no longer be accurate.


General Information

Section One: Procurement Authority

Section Two: The Procurement Cycle

Need Defined

Procurement Method Selected

Non-Delegated Purchases

Delegated Purchases



Receipt of Bids

Evaluation & Awards

Inspection & Acceptance

Contract Administration


Section Three: Procurement Review

Section Four: Miscellaneous