Training and Policy Development Certification Account Transition Page

The Statewide Procurement Division is happy to announce the launch of the Statewide Procurement Education System!

The Statewide Procurement Education System is designed for Texas public procurement professionals to:

  • Register for Statewide Procurement Division sponsored certification courses and continuing education opportunities
  • Access and track continuing education hours, certifications, and renewals

We encourage you to visit the Statewide Procurement Education System at

How do you access your account if you have a certification?

  • If you are currently CTPM, CTCD, or CTCM certified or a student who completed a transcript conversion form, please follow these steps:
    • Visit http://spdedu.cpa.texas.gov
    • Select the “Log in” tab from the menu bar
    • Click the “Lost Your Password?” link
    • Enter the email address associated with your certification.
    • Once you click submit, an email will be sent to you containing a link to re-set your password.
    • Once you reset your password, log into the system with your new credentials.

*Please note that certification information is still being uploaded into student profiles for recently submitted certification applications and certified individuals.

How do you access the site without a certification?

  • If you do not hold a certification, please follow these steps:
    • Visit http://spdedu.cpa.texas.gov
    • Click on the “New User Registration” tab
    • Register for the Statewide Procurement Education System
    • Once you click submit, you will be sent an activation email
    • After clicking the activation link, you will be prompted to log in to have access to the Statewide Procurement Education System.

Contact the Training and Policy Development Program for assistance.