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Proposed 2022 Texas Farm and Ranch Survey

The Comptroller has updated the statutorily required annual Texas Farm and Ranch Survey. The link below is to a non-fillable PDF version of the proposed 2022 survey. Please do not submit a completed version of this proposed survey. The survey will be available for submission in September.

Proposed 2022 Texas Farm and Ranch Survey

Texas Government Code Section 403.302 requires our office to determine each Texas school district’s taxable property value for use in determining equitable distribution of state funds for school finance purposes. To estimate the productivity value of agricultural land for the purposes of the School District Property Value Study (SDPVS), we use prior tax year information gathered through the Farm and Ranch Survey. The proposed 2022 survey will collect 2021 tax year data for use in the 2023 SDPVS.

We request your feedback to help us determine the ease of use and understandability of the survey and to ensure that the survey questions will generate reliable answers.

This version of the proposed survey is posted for comments through July 20, 2022. Please send any comments you may have regarding the proposed survey to us by email at You may also submit comments to us by mail to P.O. Box 13528, Austin, Texas, 78711-3528.

All comments received by July 20, 2022, will be reviewed, addressed, and included in the next version as appropriate. The finalized fillable survey will be distributed in mid-September.

Note: This informal comment period is not part of the formal rule-making process. The survey is not required to be adopted by administrative rule.