Eminent Domain Reporting


In accordance with the legislation, the Comptroller's office developed an electronic reporting form to enable entities or their third-party representatives to submit the required information starting in December, 2015.

Entities will use the reporting form to submit an updated report to the Comptroller's office by February 1 of each year. The annual reporting period is from November 1 to February 1, but reports may also be updated at any time throughout the year.

Log into eSystems now to file or update your report in compliance with SB 1812. Once logged in, click on "Eminent Domain Report" under "Reporting" to begin the submission process.

Reporting Form: Additional Details

SB 1812 requires the Comptroller's office to collect and post the following information online:

  1. the entity's full legal name;
  2. the entity's address and public contact information;
  3. the name and contact information of the appropriate officer, or other person, representing the entity;
  4. the type of entity;
  5. the legal provision(s) granting the entity's eminent domain authority;
  6. the focus or scope of the eminent domain authority granted to the entity;
  7. the earliest date the entity had authority to exercise the power of eminent domain;
  8. the entity's taxpayer identification number, if any;
  9. whether the entity exercised its eminent domain authority in the preceding calendar year by filing a condemnation petition under Section 21.012, Property Code; and
  10. the entity's Internet website address or, if the entity does not operate an Internet website, contact information to enable the public to obtain information from the entity.

The reporting form features standardized choices. For example, the focus or scope of an entity's eminent domain authority in item 6 includes choices such as water infrastructure and electric utilities. The legal provisions in item 5 are available to select by code and section.

Download our list of provisions (PDF) that are available in the online form to plan for item 5 before starting the submission process.

Please note that this is a list of commonly cited provisions pursuant to SB 18 and may not represent all provisions regarding eminent domain authority. Options to enter other provisions not listed in this document are available in the reporting form.

For questions regarding SB 1812, please email us or call the Transparency team at 844-519-5676.