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Enter required information below along with the link to your entity’s transparency page(s) to qualify for Transparency Stars. All entities must receive the Traditional Finances Transparency Star before they are eligible to receive any of the other Stars (Contracts and Procurement, Economic Development, Pension Obligations or Debt Obligations). Review the criteria for the Transparency Stars program.

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Traditional Finances Star application

** Select 'Yes' if you have already been awarded a Traditional Finances Star and are applying for one or more additional star(s). Note that you must re-enter your Traditional Finances link which Comptroller staff will re-verify before evaluating your additional Star(s) application.

Other Star applications (optional)

Contracts and Procurement

Economic Development

Public Pensions

Debt Obligations

By submitting this application, I certify that I am an authorized employee of the entity listed above and have determined that our transparency page(s) qualify for the Transparency Stars for which the entity has applied. I also understand that in order to receive and maintain any Star the entity will be required to keep data on the website up to date.