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Texas Tech University


Lubbock, Texas 79409-2019
Senior, Public

Admission Requirements

Test: Assured Admission

Class Rank ACT SAT (ERW+M)
1st Qtr. 24 1180
2nd Qtr. 26 1260
3rd Qtr. 27 1290
4th Qtr. Application Review

Applications from students who have achieved a Foundation level high school diploma will be accepted under Texas House Bill 5. However, it is recommended that applicants have a minimum of a Distinguished diploma type (or Distinguished with Endorsements) in order to demonstrate the highest level of college preparation and to be the most competitive in the applicant pool.

Deadline for Application for Admission

  • Fall - February 1 (Final Freshman Deadline - August 1)
  • Spring - November 1
  • Summer - May 1
  • On-campus Housing Available
Tuition Breakdown
Type Cost
Tuition and Fees $10,772
Resident Budget $25,776
Commuting Budget $19,815

Financial Aid

Requirements to apply for financial aid

Types of financial aid available

Deadline for Application for Financial Aid

  • Although no strict deadlines have been established, preference given to applications completed by: March 1

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