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Amarillo College


Amarillo, Texas 79178-0001
Junior, Public

Admission Requirements

  • Official high school transcript verifying graduation; or official report of GED test result or copy of GED transcript.
  • Test - ACT or SAT
  • Recommended but not required; however, if not taken, an in-house exam is administered to all first-time students for placement purposes.
  • Admission considered for other applicants on an individual basis.

Deadline for Application for Admission

  • None - Open Door Admission
Tuition Breakdown
Type Cost
Tuition and Fees Out-of-state $18,124
Tuition and Fees Out-of-District $16,204
Tuition and Fees In-District $14,914
Tuition and Fees $2,670

Financial Aid

Requirements to apply for financial aid

  • FAFSA form
  • School's admission application form

Types of financial aid available

Deadline for Application for Financial Aid

  • None, but students are encouraged to place their applications for financial aid as soon as possible. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or scholastic ability.

Deadline for Application for Scholarship

  • March 1 is our priority deadline for admission and applications for Foundation scholarships.

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