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The 50 State Scorecard 2015Ranking Texas: A Quick Cheat Sheet

View the latest 50-State Scorecard.

As proud Texans, our policymakers and taxpayers want to know how the Lone Star State stacks up across the country.

How's the economy? What about taxes? Debt? Personal wages? These facts are more than mere bragging rights – they can have critical implications for our future.

Texas ranks:


Best State for Business


Net Domestic Migration to States


Best State to Make a Living


State Debt per Capita


GDP per Capita


Local Debt per Capita

See the Latest Comparisons:

Visit our online scorecard tool to see how Texas compares on issues such as debt, taxes, and business environment. Get in-depth descriptions, key takeaways and additional data for each ranking.

The Fifty State Scoreboard infographic circa 2015

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