Applying for Certification Exam

We recommend applying to take the certification examination within six months of completing certification training. Please complete the Testing Registration Form (PDF) and forward to the Testing & Evaluation Services contact information on the application. When your request for an examination is processed, you will receive an email from the Testing & Evaluation Services. You have 60 days to take the test. Examinees must present photo identification at the time of testing. Be sure to allow at least two hours for testing. Please visit the testing center website for physical address, hours, Saturday testing times and holiday closures.

Alternate Testing Site (Outside Austin)

If you want to take the certification test at a testing center other than Testing & Evaluation Services, you must locate an accredited university or community college in your area and ask if they can supervise the test. If the location agrees to do so, please complete the applicable information on the testing registration form and send the completed form to Testing & Evaluation Services. Once the location is approved to have the test proctored at that location, the Testing & Evaluation Services will then mail them a copy of the test. Please allow adequate time for the exam to be forwarded to the requesting testing center. Also, alternate testing sites outside of Austin may have additional testing fees.

Extension of Time

A one-time extension of 60 days is available for a fee of $50. The extension must be requested during the original 60 day enrollment period. To extend the deadline for your exam, please fill out the Reprocessing Form (PDF) and forward to the Testing &; Evaluation Services.

Receiving Test Results

If testing at the Testing & Evaluation Services, students may use online grading to acquire an immediate test grade. This option may not be offered at facilities outside of Austin. Please allow 10-12 business days to receive your test results via email and/or a post card from the Testing & Evaluation Services.

Repeating the Test

You may repeat the test any time after your initial test. The full fee for the test will be charged each time you have to re-test.

Reprocessing Exam Information

The Reprocessing Form Reprocessing Form (PDF) will need to be submitted to the Testing & Evaluation Services to be updated if there are any additional requests for changes after an exam request has been processed.

Applying for Certification

After you have taken the test, you may apply for certification. There is no charge for the initial Purchaser or Contract Manager certification. However, there are processing charges for renewing certifications.

Follow these steps to apply for certification:

  1. Print out the application form:
  2. Complete the application
  3. Submit form and attachments via email or Fax to: 512-475-0711

Once we have received the application and test, please allow 10-15 working days to process your certification.

Note: Certification applications will not be processed if the applicant has unpaid class invoices.