about Career Center

Professional and Personal Development

We strongly encourage both professional and personal growth at CPA. That's why we offer learning opportunities that you can attend in-person or online.

Training and Professional Development Division

  • Classroom and online courses — including webinars, staff development programs and even customized training — to improve employee knowledge and effectiveness.
  • All-employee access to Skillsoft, an online training resource with classes that include:
    • Business courseware (management, leadership and more)
    • Certification prep (project management, HR and others)
    • Desktop software and IT/technical courses

Leadership Development

  • Three multi-course programs help employees boost current skills or develop new ones in a supportive environment.
    • Leadership Academy
      This eight-month program enhances leadership and professional development skills. The academy has been recognized for excellence.
    • Team Lead and Management Development Programs
      Both of these award-winning programs offer opportunities to improve current or develop new management skills, work collaboratively, develop strategic planning skills and cultivate a professional network.

Other Opportunities

  • Conference attendance enables employees to learn from experts in the field.
  • Brown-bag lunches provide informal and informative forums on a variety of topics.