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Search County Fees (2006 – 2023)

Our office compiles Sheriffs' and Constables' Fees each year as reported by county officials. The Comptroller's office has not independently verified the information and does not certify that the information is accurate.

Before December 15 of each year, the Comptroller’s office sends the data to:

  • the commissioners’ court of each county in Texas;
  • any statewide association of counties or officers of counties that have requested the information – in writing – before Dec. 15;
  • the State Bar of Texas.

Individual County Sheriffs’ and Constables’ Fees are available using our online search tool as well as the Sheriffs’ and Constables’ Fees Dashboard, which allows you to explore the various fees between counties and view fee trends over time.

The 2023 Sheriffs’ and Constables’ Fees data is now available.


If you have any questions regarding sheriffs’ and constables’ fee reporting or the sheriffs’ and constables’ fee database, please email us or call 844-519-5676.