Training and Policy Development

The Training and Policy Development team develops and administers the contract development and contract management training for certification of public procurement professionals. The team also provides continuing education courses required for maintenance of certifications. In addition, the team also assist with questions regarding policy and statute.

The program ensures the training for new procurement professionals includes the essential tools and knowledge to develop best value contracts and a clear understanding of statewide procurement rules and best practices. Additionally, opportunities are provided for experienced state purchasers and contract managers to continue expanding their knowledge in the changing world of procurement and contracting to best serve their agencies and customers. Training is also available to local governments and members of the Texas Smartbuy Membership Program.

Certified Directory

More than 5,000 state and local government procurement professionals actively hold one or more of the Certified Texas Contract Developer (CTCD), formerly known as Certified Texas Procurement Manager (CTPM), and Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) designations. The directory link is available on this page under “Related Links” and is an up-to-date searchable database that displays all active certified individuals.

Training and Certification for Purchasers and Contract Managers

For more information regarding CTCD and CTCM classes please visit the Statewide Procurement Education System course catalog.

Training and Policy Development Assistance

Please contact the Statewide Procurement Division, Training and Certification Program at (512) 463-5355 or email ctp@cpa.texas.gov. If you have any policy or legislative questions, please email spd.policy@cpa.texas.gov.