The Statewide Procurement Division’s (SPD) Training and Policy Development Program will be upgrading our current system and implementing a learning management system where students can register for and take classes, maintain their training profile, and track continuing education hours for their CTCD/CTCM certificates. The SPD Training and Policy Development Program is pleased to offer this new system for all its Texas public procurement professionals. The Statewide Procurement Education System (SPD-EDU) will be in production by late January/early February. If you were unable to complete the transition process or did not receive an e-mail, please go to the Training and Policy Development Certification Account Transition page.

Contract Developer & Contract Manager Training and Certification

As a result of recent legislation, the State of Texas Centralized Purchasing Study, and statewide need, the training and certification program has undergone substantial change effective January 2018. In an effort to address all these, the program has made changes that standardize certification and ensure training is rigorous enough to provide state procurement professionals what they need to obtain best value, avert risk, and maintain the highest ethical standards. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the changes by reviewing our website, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

The Statewide Procurement Division's (SPD) Training and Policy Development Program administers the statutorily mandated procurement training and certification. The program offers training for basic purchasing, and training and certification for contract managers and purchasers developing agency contracts (contract developers). The certification program develops and provides the training, testing, and continuing education opportunities to receive and maintain certification. Training is also available to local governments and other members of the Texas Smartbuy Membership program.

The program ensures the training for new procurement professionals includes the essential tools and knowledge to develop best value contracts and a clear understanding of statewide procurement rules and best practices. Additionally, opportunities are provided for experienced state purchasers and contract managers to continue expanding their knowledge in the changing world of procurement and contracting to best serve their agencies and customers.

Recent changes include changes to certification titles. Purchasers who do minimal, routine purchases, such as administrative assistants, will be required to take a basic purchasing class, but will not be required to maintain certification. As a certification is required to draft a solicitation that is posted to the Electronic State Business Daily or Texas Register, this generally means that these purchasers may not make a purchase over $25,000.00. Purchasers who develop solicitations as their primary role must obtain a Certified Texas Contract Developer (CTCD) certification. This certification is formerly known as the Certified Texas Procurement Manager Certification, or CTPM. Any procurement professional currently holding a CTPM has the same authority granted to them as CTCD holders. Upon renewal, CTPM holders will automatically be issued the CTCD designation. Please see the individual training requirements pages for full details on who is required to train and receive certification.

More than 4,000 state and local government purchasing and contracting personnel actively hold one or more of the Certified Texas Contract Developer (CTCD), formerly known as Certified Texas Purchasing Manager (CTPM), and Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) designations. The directory can be found at the Directory of Certified Individuals.

Certified contract developers and contract managers are responsible for submitting name changes or agency/entity changes using the required Certification Information Change Form (PDF) to the CPA Training and Policy Development office.

Training and Policy Development Assistance

Please contact the Statewide Procurement Division, Training and Certification Program at (512) 463-5355 if you need assistance. Email ctp@cpa.texas.gov.