Purchasing and Contracting Training and Certification


There will be at least a two-week delay in the standard processing time of 10-14 business days for new certifications and renewals for Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) and Certified Texas Procurement Manager (CTPM).

Rest assured, we have received your applications and are working on them in the order they were received. If you have an immediate business need, please contact us, and we will expedite certifications and renewals as necessary.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are here to assist if you need help or have further questions.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at ctp@cpa.texas.gov or 512-463-5355.

The Statewide Procurement Division’s (SPD) Training and Policy Development Program administers the statutorily mandated certifications for purchaser and contract managers. The certification program develops and provides the training, testing, and continuing education opportunities to maintain certification. Training is also available to local governments and other members of the Texas CO-OP Purchasing program.

In addition to providing statewide contracts, procurement and contract management support, the program ensures the training for new purchasers and contract managers includes the essential tools and knowledge to develop best value contracts and a clear understanding of statewide purchasing rules and best practices. Additionally, opportunities are provided for experienced state purchasers and contract managers to continue expanding their knowledge in the changing world of procurement and contracting to best serve their agencies and customers.

More than 4,000 state and local government purchasing and contracting personnel actively hold one or more of the Certified Texas Purchaser (CTP), Certified Texas Purchasing Manager (CTPM), and Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) designations.

Directory of Certified Individuals

Certified purchasers and contract managers are responsible for submitting name changes or agency/entity changes using the required Certification Information Change Form (PDF) to the CPA Training and Policy Development office.