Procurement Oversight & Delegation

The Procurement Oversight & Delegation (POD) team reviews solicitations and delegates purchasing authority for service contracts with a value of over $100,000. POD also coordinates reviews for the Contract Advisory Team for contracts valued at $5 million or greater.

Agencies seeking a delegation of SPD’s purchase authority for a procurement that is not addressed by SPD rule must submit a procurement specific delegation request to SPD as either an Open Market Requisition (OMR) for goods via email or through the Procurement Oversight & Delegation portal for services, as applicable.

The interagency Contract Advisory Team (CAT) was created to assist state agencies in improving contract management practices by reviewing and making recommendations on solicitation documents for contracts that have a value of at least $5 million during the full term of the contract, including any renewals periods authorized under the contract.

Should your agency like to request a review of its boilerplate terms and conditions, they may do so annually by having the agency's procurement director submit the request and a copy of the template to spd.oversight@cpa.texas.gov.

*Please allow for a 30-day review period. POD requires the complete solicitation package to be submitted. This includes the primary solicitation and any additional exhibits or attachments that will be advertised. If incomplete solicitation packages are submitted, this may result in a longer review time or cancellation of your solicitation review.

For comments or suggestions regarding the use of the Procurement Oversight & Delegation application, please contact: spd.oversight@cpa.texas.gov | 512-463-1138