SPD Outreach Team

Need assistance? Have questions related to the Statewide Procurement Division (SPD), program areas, systems or procurement questions in general? Start by contacting the SPD Outreach Team at 512-463-3034, Option 1 or email spd.outreach@cpa.texas.gov. For feedback or questions regarding the State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide, please email spd.policy@cpa.texas.gov.

Texas SmartBuy

Explore the goods and services available for purchase in a simpler, smarter and faster way. Texas SmartBuy is the online purchasing system for all state agencies, local governments and institutions of higher education. Search for hundreds of contracts and millions of items! Texas Purchasing professionals can gain access to satisfy their purchasing needs and issue purchase orders directly to awarded vendors. End-users and the general public can search the entire system without a login. Need help finding what you are looking for? The Outreach team is your customer service and technical support expert to assist with anything you need!

Texas SmartBuy Help
512-463-3034, Option 1

Texas SmartBuy Membership Program

Our membership extends to urban and rural service associated districts, political subdivisions of the state and non-profit organizations who hold an active state contract or state grant for their educational, health or humanitarian services. Learn more about our all-access membership that puts the purchasing power of Texas to work for you!

  • Gain access to Texas SmartBuy to satisfy your purchasing needs and bid requirements
  • View our travel contracts, term contracts and awarded vendors
  • Search for millions of products online
  • Post your solicitations and increase competition on the Electronic State Business Daily
  • Receive exceptional customer service and technical support from our dedicated team
  • Request training or a speaker at your next event


Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL)

Are you a vendor that is interested in doing business with the state? Increase your business awareness potential by registering with the state’s Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) program. This is the first step in displaying your business information to state agencies, local governments and institutions of higher education. When state agencies plan to buy goods or services, they must search the CMBL for potential vendors. The annual CMBL registration fee is only $70 and could potentially open the door to a new revenue stream for your business. It is a worthwhile investment, averaging only $5.83 per month which is not much to spend for the opportunities the state of Texas has to offer. Don’t pass up the opportunities that are out there for you!

Registration Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please call the CMBL Help Desk at 512-463-3459 or email us at e.cmbl@cpa.texas.gov.

Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD)

The ESBD is the online system where state agencies are required to post solicitations that exceed $25,000. Many local governments also use the ESBD. Purchasing professionals who need login access can contact their agency superuser to have an account created. The Outreach team is also happy to assist. Vendors can manually search the ESBD as it is available to the public. Vendors do not have to login to access solicitations! Helpful ESBD tips include:

  • Respondents cannot submit bids through the ESBD. The documents attached to the solicitation provide instructions for bid submission.
  • After the Response Due Date has passed, solicitations will no longer be available until awarded.
  • Be sure to use Google Chrome
  • Search by NIGP Class/Item code.
  • Do not include dashes (-) when searching by NIGP Class/Item code.

512-463-3034, Option 1

Vendor Performance Tracking System (VPTS)

The Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) Vendor Performance Tracking System (VPTS) provides the state procurement community with a comprehensive tool for evaluating vendor performance to reduce risk in the contract awarding process.

Quality vendor performance reviews provide a tool with which agencies can assess a vendor through monitoring methods and the contractual agreements. The goals of a vendor performance report can include:

  • Monitor compliance of contractually agreed upon
  • Identify areas where the vendor is not performing to expectations
  • Partnership with the vendor to resolve low vendor performance
  • Benchmark the vendor's performance against similar vendors
  • Resolve poor performance trends before they impact productivity
  • Partnerships with the business owner(s) to ensure they are engaged with and utilizing the vendor's services

VPTS User Guide (PDF)

Texas Purchasing from People with Disabilities (TPPD)

State statute requires state agencies and other entities to purchase commodities or services available through the State Use Program from specific vendors unless certain exceptions are met; any exceptions must be reported to the Comptroller and the Texas Workforce Commission, including cost paid and reason for a qualifying exception to purchasing from the program.

State Use Exception Reporting System User Guide
512-463-3034, Option 1