Data Center

The availability of raw data is essential to an accountable and open government. In recognition of this, the Comptroller’s Office maintains the Data Center as part of its commitment to government transparency.

Search Datasets

The Comptroller’s Data Center presents data from a variety of sources and provides it to the public in machine-readable, platform-independent raw datasets. Here you can find data on revenue, expenditures, procurement, taxes and fees and more…


Texas state agencies utilize statewide contracts established by the Comptroller's Office and the Department of Information Resources. Agencies are also authorized to establish individual contracts for services and goods not on statewide contracts. more…

Comptroller’s Databases

There are a number of database tools covering a wide variety of subject matter available to taxpayers on Comptroller.Texas.Gov. Here you will find tools to research taxable entities and tax policy, access purchasing information, recover unclaimed property and more…

Other Agency Databases

A number of sites offer research and information about Texas via their own database tools. Here you will find additional data sources on topics that affect Texans. more…


Visual formats such as charts, graphs and maps help taxpayers, researchers and policymakers see and understand government data with new perspectives.

Debt Lookup

The Comptroller’s office has compiled debt statistics on all Texas cities, counties, school districts and community college districts, as well as for Texas. You’ll find a wealth of data in each user-friendly, one-stop summary.

Public Pension Search Tool

The Public Pension Search Tool includes details on state and local pension plans in Texas as reported to the Pension Review Board and submitted by each plan in response to a public information request from the Comptroller’s office.

Other Reports Available to Local Jurisdictions

These reports are available by request and include information about new sales tax permits issued, who is paid up, who is delinquent and more.