Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

The Statewide Procurement Division Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program administers the HUB program in accordance with Texas Government Code Section 2161 and Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Chapter 20, Subchapter D, Division 1, Sections 20.281 to 20.298.

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Statewide HUB Certification

Texas Government Code §2161.061 authorizes the Comptroller of Public Accounts Statewide HUB Program to certify qualified small businesses and enter into Memorandums of Agreements (MOAs) with other small business certifying entities to maximize the HUBs certified.

Learn more about the certification process and see if you are eligible for HUB Certification.

Ready to Apply for HUB Certification Online?

The HUB certification application process has gone paperless! Apply to become a certified HUB on the Texas Statewide HUB System.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications submitted to the Statewide HUB Program, there is a delay in processing times. Note: Normal processing times do not include weekends, holidays or other days the Comptroller’s office is closed.

HUB application processing timelines:

  • New Application: 5 months out before being reviewed
  • Recertification Applications: 4 months out before being reviewed

Once a fully completed application (not missing information or documentation) is provided, then a final decision will be made within 90 business days per Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Chapter 20.288(d).

Various partner organizations through the agency’s Memorandums of Agreements offer the same HUB Program certification. Please feel free to contact these organizations for their specific processing times.

Connect with state agency and university HUB Coordinators today!

Statewide HUB Events

The Statewide HUB Program is committed to sharing advantageous educational and networking opportunities with HUB-certified and prospective HUB vendors all around the state of Texas. To view all upcoming events hosted by, or partnered with, the Statewide HUB Program, visit the Statewide HUB Sponsored Events.

To learn more about other beneficial events hosted by affiliated small business groups in your area, visit the Education and Outreach Forum (EOF) Calendar.

Annual Utilization Goals

In the September 2009 Disparity Study, the Comptroller’s office retained an independent vendor, MGT of America, and determined that there is a compelling interest to continue a narrowly tailored HUB program, as required by the U.S. Supreme Court. The purpose of the study was twofold: to comprehensively review the state's utilization of HUBs and to evaluate various options for program development.

The statewide HUB Annual Utilization Goals are often referred to as “HUB Goals” and are based on expenditures by procurement categories for the state agencies and state universities. See a breakdown of HUB Goals.

Contact Information

HUB Toll Free Line: 888-863-5881
HUB Local Line: 512-463-5872


Please review the HUB Frequently Asked Questions.

Mailing Address

Statewide Procurement Division
HUB Program
P.O. Box 13528
Austin, Texas 78711