Employee Cost-Saving Ideas

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All Texas state agencies with 1,500 or more employees must provide them with an opportunity to submit cost-saving ideas through the agency’s Intranet and allow you – the public – to vote on your favorites. See Texas Government Code § 2054.1264. When employees submit any new ideas, we will post them here for your vote.

Posted 10/12/2017: Employees who can do their work from home, without sacrificing quality or customer service, should be allowed to work from home 100 percent of the time. This may not work for employees with slow internet connections. Make it optional for employees who enjoy coming to the office. If working from home 100 percent, employees must work 8AM to 5PM. It could save on building costs, possibly by hiring more people to work inside the same agency and with more employees more work could be done. Cost savings on less paper being printed. Employee time could be saved from the commute and make less traffic on the road.

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