Audit Division Overview

The Audit Division of the Comptroller’s office serves the people of Texas by seeing to it that everyone pays their fair share to support state government – no more, no less. The division is committed to upholding the highest standards of auditing quality.

Audit staff employ the most effective processes and procedures using the best available technology with the least amount of disruption at the lowest possible cost. They also provide guidance and assistance in various tax-related areas.

On these webpages you will learn about:

  • Who we are, what we do and where to find us.
  • What happens during a Comptroller audit.
  • How to respond to an audit.
  • Challenging an audit’s findings.
  • Getting tax payments back – simplified.
  • What a managed audit is and who qualifies.
  • How percentage-based reporting works and when to request it.
  • Arranging to pay back taxes without penalties or interest.
  • Contract examiner program.