Government Resources

The Comptroller's Statewide Procurement Division provides access to contracts and services that help hundreds of state agencies, institutions of higher education and local governments operate more efficiently than if they had to establish all of their own contracts and services independently.

Vendor Performance Tracking System (VPTS) State agencies and statewide contract users report vendor performance to reduce risk in the contract award process.

Cooperative Purchasing (CO-OP) The State of Texas' volume purchasing power is extended to more than 1,500 local governments and assistance organizations through the Co-op program.

State Payment Card The state's charge card may be issued for payment services or travel; rebates are accrued based on use.

State Travel Management This program helps entities manage travel expenditures by providing discounted travel services through vendor contracts and monitoring state travel activity.

State Mail Services Centralized contracts provides interagency mail and discounted mail services.

Vehicle and Fleet Management VFM collects state agency fleet reports on inventory and operating costs, and compliance with alternative fuel program purchasing requirements.