Purchasing and Procurement Training and Certification

Who Should Complete the Training?

Purchasing personnel hired by a state agency or transferred to a purchasing position within a state agency, which are authorized to make competitive purchases up to $25,000 and are not CTP or CTPM certified, are recommended to complete the Purchasing 101 training within the first six months of employment.

Visit website for SAO classifications as a reference to help identify individuals who should receive SPD's purchaser training. Use “Procurement” in the "Filter Descriptions" box then click the "Filter" button.

Training and Certification
Requirements and Purchasing Authority
Purchasing Authority Course Title Experience Certification Exam
Zero to $25,000 Purchasing 101
None Required None Required None Required
$25,000.01 to $100,000 CPA Texas Procurement
Certification Training
One Year CTP >70%
Over $100,000 CPA Texas Procurement
Certification Training
Three Years CTPM >70%

Definition of Purchasing Experience – The development of specifications, receipt and processing of requisitions, review of specifications, advertising for bids, bid evaluation, award of contracts, and inspection of merchandise received. The term does not include invoice, audit, or contract administration functions.

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CPA Texas Procurement Certification Class Description

CPA Texas Government Basic Public Purchasing (BPP) - 1 ½ day module
  • Purchasing Profession Overview
  • Ethics and the Law
  • Texas Purchasing Methods
  • Sourcing Methods
  • Solicitation Methods
  • Receiving and Evaluating Bids and Proposals
  • Logistics
CPA Texas Government Advanced Public Purchasing (APP) – 1 ½ day module
  • Contract Planning
  • Cost and Price Analysis
  • Specification Writing
  • State Contracting
  • Contract Administration
  • Reporting Requirements and Documentation
Negotiation Skills & Strategies (NSS)* – 1 day module
  • Know when to negotiate
  • Learn the three (3) phases to negotiations
  • Recognize the characteristics of a skilled negotiator
  • Learn the six (6) steps of the planning process
  • Enhance skills by using negotiation strategies
  • Avoid common errors made in negotiations
  • Improve listening skills
  • Practice skills to become an effective negotiator

*A student who has previously taken the Negotiation Skills and Strategies module as part of either the Certified Texas Purchaser course or the Certified Contract Manager course may be exempted from attending this one-day module. There is no registration fee discount. To request an exemption, please contact our office no later than the Friday before your course begins.