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Franchise Tax Web Service

Franchise Tax Web Service enables vendors and qualified entities to develop software using XML schemas for securely transmitting Franchise Tax reports and payments. Using the service eliminates paper reports and expedites status notification. Learn more about Franchise Tax Web Service development and how to participate.

Franchise Tax Preparation Software and Substitute Form Development

Computerized tax processors, commercial printers, software producers, payroll companies and other companies or individuals developing substitute Texas Franchise Tax forms can email us for additional information.

Tax forms and schedules that are generated using unapproved software will not be processed properly, resulting in rejected filings and potential liability for your customers.

Texas EDI Maps

Download the EDI maps for the ANSI ASC X12 813 transaction set for writing tax-filing software.

Note: The Comptroller’s office does not endorse any software developer or transmitter, its products or services. Software vendors are not affiliated with the State of Texas.